Earmolds make with wide open jaw

I have had problem with my earmolds. I had earmolds made in so many different audilogists. I often have had feedback problems due to improrer earmolds, especially in my right ear. Someone who is an experienced audiologist suggested me to get earmold impression with wide open jaw.

What is your opinion and experiences about this problem ?

I have been told on occassion where there seemed to be a problem to open and close my mouth a few times during the process. I assume that with would be so the molding material will conform to my ear canal as it stretches and tightens during the movement of my jaw bone.

I do open jaw impressions for all musician’s products and for difficult fittings. There are bite blocks made specifically for this purpose that make it a simple process. I recommend them for cases such as yours where you have had problems before. Sometimes it helps the ear mold lab if the audiologist sends in both an open jaw and closed jaw impression so the lab can see how much movement there is in the jaw.