Early request for advise

I’m a male, 56 yrs. old and have been experiencing increasing difficultly in both ears, but still not doing anything about it. Too make a long story short, in late March I caught a cold that ended up in my ears. My hearing was worse than it had been and after two weeks I got into my doctor for a check. He gave a mild dose of Prednisone, with a taper. Tried a brief run with Sudafed to attemp to dry the middle ear, without any luck. Got the referral to the audiologist and ENT. Evaluation is below and the EDT doc has me on 50mg of Prednisone for 7 day, no taper and follow up in 6 weeks for a new evaluation and exam.

Realizing that I’m jumping the gun here a bit, I’m interested opinions from members of the forum as to which way to go for hearing aids if my hearing does not improve from treatment. My late father used hearing aids in both ears for years and I was with him for follow up and adjustments. One was from Costco and the other was a Phonak, so I’ve experienced both sides. I was never all that impressed by the Costco staff. Very nice and well meaning, but didn’t seem to get things done right the first time.

Money is an issue, so I’m interested in getting the most bang for the buck. Users and professionals advise will be welcome. Thanks.

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If money is an issue, you might want to give Costco a shot, they have some nice instruments and great prices.

Thanks for the reply, Battery Ears. Do you have suggestions of brands or units to stay away from @ Costco? I’m lucky to have a number of Costco stores in my area with hearing aid centers.

Costco’s four main premium brands are their Kirkland Signature (really a Rexton Cobalt), the Rexton Insite, the Resound Future (similar to Alera) and Bernafon Verite. I’ve returned an Insite and two Cobalt’s. I also demo-ed the Verite in the store and I’m currently trialling the Resound. They are all good. The Insite CIC was not powerful enough for me and I had feedback with the Cobalt, trying to have an open fit with my loss.

I really liked the sound of the Cobalt and I’m doing fine with the Resound Future.

Remember it takes a few adjustment sessions to get it tuned for you.

Thanks, Don for the reply. I’m hoping for an open fit, but not sure with my loss. Seems like I’m just over the borderline for most open fit products.

Welcome to the forum.

This forum is a great place to search, read and learn.

Do you know what your hearing audiogram was before the cold in your ears? The audiogram you posted is not in an open fit range. Most likely some kind of mold will be needed.

Good luck

No Rick, my last audiogram was about 9 years ago. Thanks for the good wishes.

There are a couple of online manufacturers/sellers that have gotten favorable reviews on this forum. Since $ is an issue for you (like me) I am going to try out AmericaHears.com at around $1000ea with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. They program the HA’s to your audiogram and a plus is that they also send you the software to tweak the HA’s to your liking, should you be so inclined. They can also program them remotely through your computer. I spent 25 minutes on the phone with them today and they could not be nicer, no matter how stupid the question. The other company is Hearsource.com using a similar business model and pricing. Good luck!:slight_smile:

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Thanks for the good wishes. I’ll take a look & keep us informed on your progress.

After seemingly months of tests, drugs and just waiting, I was given the clearence to go ahead and order hearing aids which I did this afternoon. I decided on Costco and was recommended the Rexton Insite+ Free BTE/RIC. I don’t recall seeing others on this forum with this particular instrument and was looking for feedback (I know, bad choice of word :D) from those that have used this model. By the way, I got no feedback what so ever when cupping my hand over my ear with the demo unit in. Open domes will be used.

Now all I have to do is wait it out.

Thanks in advance for any input you may have.

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The Insites are good, man. I loved the Cobalts and the Insites are probably more advanced. That’s a really good sign about cupping your hands and not getting feedback.

Just go back and get lots of adjustments and you should be good to go.

You probably already saw this article on another forum but here it is again. Great article.

My hearing loss is not that much different from yours (except at 1KHz), and I too was recommended to get the Insite+ BTE (the Kirkland Signature would have worked but don’t have a T-coil), which are now on order. But they are not RIC: the receiver is in the aid itself, with a tube to conduct the sound to the ears? Did you get a demonstration? The guy at my Costco programmed his demo pair for me to try, and without much fine tuning they seemed fine.

Thanks Don. I need to be reminded that this is a process that does not end upon delivery of the hearing aids. Z300, I did demo the right ear only in the sound proof booth, with the basic set up for my loss. The only way to tell how they’ll be is to set them up and go out into the world and experience them first hand. I may end up taking a note pad with me so I can make notes on various situations.

Best wishes to all.