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Hearing aids don’t have real-ear verification, audiologists do, and probably only about 40% of them. Eargos can be checked using real-ear measurements, they just can’t be adjusted very well if those measurements reveal that they are a bad fit for your hearing loss. If you’re lucky, maybe your hearing loss will exactly match whatever generic gain prescription the Eargo gives.


For sure, that is a much closer analogy. Until you said that I never thought of it that way but it is sooooo true.


I wore Starkey CIC for 5 years. They were my first HAs and the only reason I wanted them was because I was totally devastated by my hearing loss and I didn’t want anyone to see them or even know I was wearing hearing aids. I didn’t want to be different. Plain and simple: Vanity and self-consciousness go hand in hand if you ask me.

One thing I can tell you for an absolute, as least in my case. You could see the Starkey HAs a whole lot more and much easier than the HAs I have now which are Widex Dream 440s RIC. I can wear my hair back and unless you are looking you would never see the tube running out of my ear. Sure you can see the receiver if you are looking but you would have to be looking. I could not wear my hair back at all with the CICs without the aid showing.

I was led to believe from my first Audiologist that the CICs were “invisible”. NOT TRUE! At all! At least not for me. I will say I have small ears but they did get the aids small enough to go completely in my canal but from the side they were still very visible and if the wind blew at all they drove me crazy with wind noise and if the wind blew my hair back even a little bit you could see them.

Just my two cents worth. I don’t want you to expect they will be invisible if you get the CICs. For me, they were much more visible than my RICs.

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Remember that Eargo are only good for mild loss and maybe low end of moderate. Good luck.


I was in the same mindset as you a year ago. My hearing go to the point where I couldn’t even do normal conversations any longer, I waited far too long to get hearing aids. I was only 41 years old and very self conscious about getting hearing aids. For my lifestyle and I’m happy I went with cic,
I would really recommend the Signia Silk, they are very discreet and extremely comfortable.
Before I got into hearing aids I figured I was doing ok for so long with bad hearing if I could boost it a bit I would be ok however what I’ve learnt with experience now it doesn’t work that way.
If you didn’t have hearing aids that react properly to different situations you wouldn’t be able to tolerate them.
For example for me an average week consists of being in a large quiet boardroom with over 15 people that talk at different volumes to getting home to two young boys yelling and screaming. Going to a hockey arena/dressing room (very echoey), to a loud restaurant and now with summer outside at my boys soccer trying to hear other parents talk with wind noise. At first I couldn’t even wear them around my boys without feeling like my head would explode but you will adjust.
Now that I’ve been wearing them for almost a year I could care less that people know I have hearing aids. No one ever brings it up surprisingly, maybe only 1 or 2 people in the entire time of having them.
All that being said I still like the discreetness of the Signia silk. From what I’m reading they just introduced an even smaller set Signia Silk NX,
I think if you are going to stick something in your ear if it were rigid like a molded CIC it wouln’t be nearly as comfortable as the silk’s silicone sleeve. I truly forget I’m wearing them throughout the day.



Appreciate your input. As I have tinnitus I am drawn to the Signia as they seem to have a different treatment"mode" from a masking sound. They call it notched therapy.

I like the Silk and am also considering the Signia Insio NX IIC. The insio has an IIC and CIC model which I imagine require a mold as opposed to the simple off the shelf approach of the Silk.

Of course this is assuming I am a candidate for IIC or CIC.

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