Eargo vs others


Well after years of denial i am getting hearing aids.

I would like to get IIC as i am self conscious about hearing aids. i do see a distinction between vanity and being self conscious and consider myself the latter.

I have read tons of reviews, watched Cliff Olsen videos etc and need to make a choice.

i was sent a sample of Eargos to try. very comfortable but as Dr. Olsen points out they do NOT have real ear verification so likely will not be the “best” choice as far as correction in certain frequencies.

However they are fairly inexpensive at about $2,500 a pair.

My other choices have been narrowed to phonak Titanium and Starkey Soundlens IQ.

Both of these are at least twice as expensive.

Yes there is Seimens, Oticon etc but like buying a car one needs to narrow the field and i am done to Starkey vs Phonak if i don’t get argo.

Starkey and Phonak both have real ear verification so i know the aids will correct for my particular frequency losses.

Are they worth the extra money ??

I draw this analogy: If I were to get eyeglasses which did a good job of correcting my vision (think Eargo) I’d be OK. However ii f I then went to an eye doctor and got the perfect glasses for my visual deficit I’d likely be amazed at how much clearer things were.

I am seeing an audiologist this week and need to decide if I should do a trial with custom aids or instead do a trial with the Eargos.

Both at no risk financially.

Also i like that the Eargos have rechargeable batteries which allegedly last about 3 years. The idea of changing batteries every 3-5 days does not thrill me.

Any thoughts or experiences would be most welcome.

Your ideas/experiences on OTC "invisible" HAs?

I wouldn’t call them cheap. As PSAP go they are on the pricey side. For about that price you can buy the best hearing aid Costco sells with REM. Or get a fitted aid from Buyhear.com.

Rechargeability is still a double edged sword. Handy but some solutions can end their day before yours.



Per Eargo they are not amplification devices but rather classified by FDA as “hearing aids”

I think a recent law allows aids to be sold on line without audiological measurements. Not the best solution but better than a megaphone


Well…they would say that wouldn’t they.
I typed “eargo psap otc” into duckduckgo and found previous discussions on this site (from 2015 with participation from the very same KenP above) and one in particular from our fine host pointing to a US medical devices database site that does NOT list Eargo as a medical device.
So…hmmmm. Y’get what you pay for.
But good of you to be exploring all options.


I believe the intent of the laws was to obscure the difference rather than to make them all the equivalent.


@KenP, I don’t really understand the buyhear model, especially when places like hearstore offer the same prices (I just compared a random set of aids… see below) including local service… while some people might be fine with remote adjustments only, I would implore price-shoppers to at least look at the options like hearstore and ziphearing to see if the same prices are available with local support.

BuyHear - Pair price $3,798.00 - Pair - Audeo B90-Direct (iPhone & Android) – BUYHEAR

HearStore - Pair price $3,699.98 - Phonak Audeo Hearing Aids, from $1399

ZipHearing - Pair price $4,798 - Phonak Audeo B90-Direct Prices & Reviews | ZipHearing


Interesting that Hearstore has the same price for the Direct as for the other versions.
Nice to see some other options though.
But for the OP…that’s all a crap-load o’ dough and not helping his self-declared self-consciousness.


Sorry grabbed the wrong link. Updated.


Responding to Ken, not the OP.


@abram_bailey_aud I agree that a local provider is superior for most individuals – especially those getting aids for the first time. If one doesn’t plan to self adjust or isn’t easily fit, that’d go for experienced users.

If one has trouble with remote fit, there isn’t a good fallback option. Most or many local providers will turn down service. They shouldn’t if they consider they are actually a medical service; but, they do.


Check out the Signia Silk maybe?


I will. just wanted to narrow down choices but I’m checking it out right now.

Between the Signia Silk, Phonak virto and Starkey does one stand out or is it more a matter of which works best for my hearing deficit and canal anatomy?


Have you had a hearing test yet and have those results? All hearing aid styles do not work for all losses. So even if you are a candidate for the IIC style, it doesn’t mean those are the best for you.

I think we are all self-conscious about it at first but after a while, pffft. Really no one notices hearing aids unless they are large. Even if someone noticed, they don’t care. They have their own devices (ear buds, etc.) and are not concerned about yours.

Also, if you are looking at pictures online, the pictures are enlarged so you can see the features. The behind the ear hearing aids are tiny now. Costco normally has a display case of their brands you can look at. Costco has a 180 day return period so you could try those, and even if you think you don’t want those, you might be surprised how small they are, how comfortable, and how well they work. Their house brand, Kirkland, is really the top model from Signia (formerly Seimens).


Well, we are all vane. Maybe in different ways but vanity is quite human.

You haven’t posted an audiogram. My guess would be you haven’t had one. To do so would be admitting you aren’t what you were. We’ve all been there and done that.

Bad hearing is far more noticeable than hearing aids. Solving that with a half-a$$ approach is even more noticeable.

Do what all the rest of us have done – maybe kicking & screaming – but we ended the rationalizing and faced the facts.



I’d say self conscious not vain.

I have not posted audiogram as i have yet to see an audiologist. To be done this week or next!

No shame in posting. it is what it is !!

Not looking to cheap out but just exploring options.

i actually had a nice conversation with a Doctor of Audiology this morning. I asked about trial of Eargo vs aids with real ear verification and am going the latter route.

I just looked at te Signia Primax and as i have tinnitus I am intrigued by their notch approach to tinnitus treatment.

So now i must choose between the Phonak, Signia and Starkey.

I am sure the audiologist will help me in my decision…

Looks like the Signia Primax comes CIC and IIC as well.

In addition the Signia seems to be the only one of the three brands mentions which has binaural processing(I believe that is correct term) and some form of wireless connectivity. in addition the Signia looks to have stellar customer support via on line, apps etc.

Abram Bailey: Thanks for suggesting Signia !!!

Again , is one considered heads and tails above the others or is it patient specific?

BTW: The audiologist i spoke with is in Arizona and I’m in Florida so he has no dog in the fight



  1. Perhaps it’s premature to be focusing so much on hearing aid types and brands before getting a hearing test and having an audiologist interpret the results.

  2. It’s my opinion that the perceived analogy between hearing aids and eyeglasses isn’t accurate and it often leads to disappointments. For example, well-meaning relatives and friends are disappointed when, after convincing grandma to get a hearing aid, she complains about them and still doesn’t always understand what everyone is saying particularly in noisy environments. For typical situations where only refractive correction is needed, eyeglasses can restore vision to nearly 100% and they are relatively easy to get used to. For those with severe and profound hearing loss, hearing aids and wheelchairs might be a better analogy.


IIC aids lack some features that might help you hear better. Do you really want to rule them out just because of self-consciousness? For vanity, sure, but not for self-consciousness which is purely between you and yourself.


Bingo. Love this comment.


Hey, your thoughts of those 3 HRS after getting your audiogram is a BINGO in my camp. There are a few other internet hearing aids that could make great buys, and would save you money. Almost all good Audiologist with fine tune thoses HRS for a small fee. BINGO


If you are a member of Costco just go there and get a hearing test. That is a good place to start.