Eargo Launches Eargo 5 Hearing Aid with Sound Match™ Technology

I’m not sure if we have any Eargo users in here. But here’s today’s news.

Is anyone in the group using Eargo 5?

I have a buddy who just got a pair (I would guess the newest) and he likes them well enough. I looked at them but they were not able to deal with my ears having very different loss. Also given that they are about $2k+ for less money I can get HA programmed for me from Costco…

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I tried a pair of the 4s a year ago and ended up sending them back. I really love the aids themselves and they were very comfortable and rechargeable. But they were no where close to enough boost for me with moderate high end loss and when I could get them loud enough to do any good the feedback was almost constant.

For a person with mild loss I would think these could be decent. Also I am using self programmed Phonaks with custom molds and the amount of control I can have on these is vastly superior to the eargos.

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