Eardrum blood blister



The flanged dome from the Widex Beyond dislodged from the receiver and stuck in my ear canal when I was out of town on a weekend trip. After flying back home, I got to the dr office and had it extracted. Very unpleasant experience, it took 3 attempts to get it out.

Air hit my eardrum and I yelped. Then the NP looked in with the scope and said, “You have a blood blister on your eardrum, it looks like a tiny strawberry!” She said it would heal up in a couple of days. That was 7 weeks ago.

It hasn’t gone away. It has reduced in brightness, it has migrated, but it’s still there and it’s bothersome. Not as severely painful (9/10), just everpresent and sore (4.5/10). If the rogue dome didn’t cause it, maybe the airplane ride did. Nonetheless, 7 weeks is a long time to suffer and there’s no end in sight.

Any guidance or suggestions?


See an ENT.


I have seen the ENT 3x, PA 2x and audiologist 6x. I’ve taken antibiotics and had a couple of different Rx drops put in there. Cut out caffeine and other bad-for-you foods, even tried some “pungent” herbal compress doohickey. What else is there besides voodoo and acupuncture? Done nearly everything except surgery for it, and not gonna do surgery anyhow.

Still having trouble with this, although I am assured this thing is moving and "working its way out"
Week 10. It isn’t red any more, am told it now looks like a scab that has migrated off the eardrum across a blood vessel and onto ear canal. Audiologist says she sees this often with CIC aids like Lyric. Gave me a more realistic heal estimate of 6 months. It still hurts.

In the meantime, I try to focus on anything else but it remains painfully and stubbornly aggravating.