Ear Test vs Real Ear

What is a Ear Test and someone told me ear test is same meaning as Real Ear.

I will have my hearing aids test with this big machine and my audiologist wants to give me Ear Test and I don’t know what that is.

Most likely, your audi is going to do “Real Ear” test, which is something every hearing aid fitting from the start should include.

We usually use a small tube attached to a microphone that goes into your ear together with the hearing aid and use different stimuli and sounds to measure exactly how the hearing aid is producing the sound in the ear.

The newest way to do this is with “speech mapping”. I would suggest this test be done with every hearing aid your purchase, to assure the hearing aids are producing sound exactly as it should and to minimize “fine tuning” adjustments.

Here is a link to a thread about this and some pics:

The nice thing is that we can see excatly how the hearing aids are producing sound in the ears in real time and make the adjuments while in the ear in real time and see whether or not the fine tuning adjustments match the hearing loss better or not.

Very cool.

Also, if you wish, go ahead and ask the Audi for a copy of the test and post it on the forum.

You can post pics by hitting the paper clip (attachment) link on the top of the toolbar, next to the smily face.

That way, we can tell you for sure what the test was and how the outcome is.