Ear Moulds For Resound Linx 2

I have the Link 2, over the ear with the High Power receiver in the canal, with a cast Ear Mould to better fit my canal. I had soft ear moulds, but, they kept coming loose in the canal when I talked or ate. Also, even when all the way in, I had slight continuous feedback. Sure, the anti-feedback adjustment was setup, and you can’t actually hear a squeal, but voices and music have kinda a static sound, that I recognize as the anti-feedback at work.

I complained to my audi at the VA, and they gave me ones that had a “kickstand”, a kind of tail that worked to press in the receiver to the canal…however, they made them out of acrylic…VERY hard, and I have even more feedback.

Finally, they have recast my canal, and are making them out of soft silicon, with a 3/4 shape that fits within the ear to hold them in tightly. I’m hoping this works, but, are others having the same issue with feedback due to poor fit? Any ideas, other than maybe this latest type of ear mould? Is there some other kind of ear mould I should try?


I’ve used both semi-soft acrylic and silicone with the receiver hole bored at about 4mm to give a push fit. After placing the receiver I use UV cure plastic on the outer face to seal it in - this makes quite a decent cosmetic finish. The depth of the fit is down to the customer/ear shape. Some are ‘canal’, but lots of people prefer the low profile 1/3 or 1/2 shell option, as it gives them a ‘handle’ to use and is better at securing the canal portion in place. Plus you can trim it if needed.

Semi-soft acrylic cuts and cleans to a decent surface, but some people don’t like the ‘tacky’ feel of it when warm. I find it’s a good product for the moderate to severe losses, where silicone might be overkill.

I eventually got a 3/4 skeleton mold made of soft silicon. Seals better than any mold I’ve ever had, and 0% feedback. Only issue, resolved with a tiny dot of Oto-Ease, is that I can’t shove them in my ears very easily (and, they are VERY smooth).

Um Bongo, I think I kinda agree with you. I’d like a softer, slightly pliable ear mold, not solid hard acrylic or super soft silicon. However, it does seem that I’m going to need to use some kind of lubricant with that material to get it to easily go into my canal…it simply has too much friction, even though VERY smooth, due to the pliability. I have read many posts here with members saying to NEVER use anything in your ear…but, I don’t see a way around this. I got some Oto-Ease, and I’ve also heard MiraCell can be used, and may be even better?

Any recommendations? Several Audi’s have looked at the molds, and…they state there is nothing wrong with the smoothness.


Try a couple of drops of olive oil in a pinch. It is what my Doctor suggests for ear wax softening. It is mildly antiseptic.

A touch of Oto-Ease isn’t going to cause a problem. Put a very small drop on your finger and apply to your mold. Don’t pour it into your ear. BTW, you can have your VA AuD order it via Denver and sent to your address or maybe by now you order it the same as batteries online yourself. You can also get either eargear or sweet-bands from your AuD just ask.

If you didn’t get the phone clip or TV streamer or remote mic just ask.

This is my first post. I just got hearing aids from the VA last week. They are Resound Linx 2. The Dr. said I needed custom ear molds so she sent off where ever they VA gets them and will call me when they come in. I know really nothing about hearing aids but I hope to learn fast from the people on here that know what they are taking about. Things really sound different with these things I hope it gets better with the molds when I get them. She the Dr. said she couldn’t turn mine up without them. Thanks for letting me join.

Doc_Jake I just got hearing aids from the VA last week. Resound Linx2 they are making custom molds for me. How do I get the TV streamer I think I’m going to have problems with TV. Before I wore cordless headphones and got to where I would turn on CC if I wanted see/hear all the words. Thanks

Doc Jake is on a holiday. Resound do a TV streamer that sends the signal direct to the hearing aids.

Just ask them to order them for you. Also get the Phone Clip + which works with Android and various BT capable devices. That is according to an old post from Dr. Jake. Dr. Jake was banned.

Ken’s got it right. Just tell the audiologist what you want. There should be no problem ordering them for you.

I did the same and got the Phone Clip+ and Multi Mic.

Ok thanks everyone. I have to go back to the VA when my custom molds come in. I hope it doesn’t take too long I got my HA’s Aug. 29 and she ordered them at that time I hope. I’ll ask about the TV streamer when I go.

The VA put Resound Linx2 9 61 on me. I know almost nothing about hearing aids. My hearing loss and tinnitus is service connected so the VA is hooking me up. I got out of the Army in 1974 and I was Infantry.

This is the results from when they did my test for my claim.

VA examination findings show Left ear with 88% discrimination. Decibel loss at the puretone threshold of 500 Hz is 30, at 1000 Hz 35, at 2000 Hz 75, at 3000 Hz 85, at 4000 Hz 85. The average Decibel loss is 70 in the left ear. The Right ear shows a speech discrimination of 84%. Your Right ear Decibel loss at puretone threshold of 500 Hz is 35, at 1000 Hz is 45, at 2000 Hz is 80, at 3000 Hz is 90, and at 4000 Hz is 100. The average decibel loss is 79 in the Right ear.

So how is my hearing by going by those numbers? Thanks. Bill