Ear Molds for Severe Hearing Loss

My hearing loss on the left side has degraded to 80-90 dB at high frequencies. Can I use vented earmolds when increasing to the gain I now need?

I’ve always used vented ear molds, but the small style I use produce feedback from the vent and around the “shell” of the mold as well.

What’s the best type of ear mold for a severe/profound high frequency loss?

I am not an expert , but as a hearing aid wearer with severe/profound loss I can say that vented earmolds are not severe and profound loss . I think best earmolds for us would be of soft material and with full shell type .I read that hard earmolds would produce more feedback than soft ones .

Vented molds can still be used with soft silicone or vinyl full shell earmolds with very good digital BTE’s with feedback cancellation, particularly with Phonak Savia, Savia ART, etc.