Ear Mold vs Open Fit

I need adivse from someone as I am a Newbie to wearing aids, just got them a week ago, originally my Audi made molds but decided to go with Open fit, my problem is that the open fits shift constantly. Would molds be better??

Do they also squeal alot? Regardless, my first trial of HA did this too. But, my current Audi spent considerable time to make sure the fit was a good one. Even she said…they should not slip, should fit to your ear (tubes), and dome should not slip out.

Go back to your Audi and have him/her to work on them more to get a good fit.

I have no trouble with the dome that goes with my Rexton Revo. I was told if you have custom molds made that it would make them more like the CIC and I was not happy when I tried the CIC aid. I may be wrong, however, I thought that they had different sizes in the ear mold. At any rate, I do not think that it should be shifting; be sure that you have them inserted deep enough in your ear, of course, not TOO deep. :eek:

I am also new to hearing aids and have a question relative to cic aids. Mine are from Starkey. The problem is about fit. My first pair shifted, loosened, in the canal when I talked sometimes but more often when eating. The movement of my jawbone apparently jogged them loose, and when that happened, I began to get feedback as I chewed. It was very annoying. I had new molds made and while there is some improvement, it still happens, and I have to keep pushing the aids back in place.

Is this a common problem? Can it be resolved?

Thanks for your help.