Ear hooks for music

Hi folks,
My Ceilos have a t-coil. When I’m in the t coil program, it works fine on the phone, but if I use them to pick up music from headphones, the fidelity is greatly diminished over my normal program. Should I expect my dispenser to be able to tweak the t coil program so that I can get great sounding music while using ear hooks through the t coil?

My aids have a DAI boot fitting. I have heard that the dai plug/socket is very fragile, and will not likely hold up if I’m taking them on and off everyday. Can anyone confirm or refute that? I’m cheap. I hate to spend the money if they will break after a month or two.

Right now I’m using a decent pair of full over the ear headphones with my aids on the normal program. That gives me good sound, but of course everything has to be just so, or the aids start screaming from feedback.

Seems like the loops might be the ticket if the aid can be tweaked just right.

I’ve been using the Hatis Epic earhook with my hearing aid to listen to music, with the hearing aid on the telecoil setting. Harris Communications sells them (http://www.harriscomm.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=18497 with option for single or dual). They can be pretty pricey though, but I’ve found it to be well worth the money, considering how frequently my personal Phonak FM HandyMic transmitter likes to break every so often, and the FM shoe for the hearing aid likes to split down the middle.
There is also a MusicLink, but I can’t seem to find the website at the moment. Also NoiZfree has ear hooks for hearing aids/cochlear implants with telecoil, which can also be found on the Harris Communications website (dual or single).

Hope this helps you out.

I’ve used ‘Music Links’ with good success:


Their weak spot is the lightness of the hook makes it tough to keep in place. If you can get and keep them well positioned, they work well. I have not tried the Hatis earhook, depending on how they wound the coil, it may be less prone to needing to be precisely located.

Telecoils will never match the performance you can get through the mics, but the sound is still leaps and bounds better then you can get by placing a headphone over a BTE.


I am the owner of DirectLinkone- assistive listening devices. I have used my DAI boot for years without having any issues, taking it on and off as needed. My husband created the devices we sell on our website for me because we were frustrated with the options available or not available, as the case was.

Anyway, check out our website: www.directlinkone.com

We will work with you if you want to try out our devices. Please feel free to ask me any questions.

Lida Harris

Wow, you have great stuff! I have bookmarked your website. :slight_smile: