Ear doctor (specialist) and audiologist

Do you consult an ear doctor (specialist) and an audiologist at the same time?

In what situations would you consult an ear doctor (specialist)?

An audiologist or Hearing Instrument Specialist should refer to to an ENT or Otologist if they detect a medical issue. The added expense of seeing both can a deterrent to getting hearing help. A friend just went in to have a bit of ear wax removed (15 second procedure) and was charged $350. Unless there is something unusual going on, I would skip the ear doctor.


My insurance required (and covered) a visit with an ENT for evaluation before ordering the audiogram and referral to an audiologist. If your insurance covers your aids or even partial coverage you might want to check their requirements before potentially losing benefits.


Good advice eskie! ALWAYS check your benefits for any limitations. In my case mine did not require an ENT visit.



If it is a medical situation ENT. if not then Audiologist. If audiologist determines there is a medical problem you need to se ENT. Certain types of hearing aids like ear lens requires both to use the product. Good luck.

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This could depend where you live, as our health system is entirely different to the US. Here in Aus our GP’s do all our specialist referrals if something is wrong. If we need an audiologist appointment we just go and make one without any referral. If the Aud finds anything medically wrong she would refer the patients either to a hospital or back to the GP. If our hearing was so bad as mine was my Aud just referred me straight to the CI clinic.


It also depends on what type of hearing aids you use ear lens requires both. In us you don’t need a referral to see an Audiologist. You have a great point on differences between countries health system.

I have a ear cleaning kit and silicone screw ear wax removal tool. The wax was too close to my ear drum and wasn’t able to remove it. I went to see my primary care doctor and the nurse cleaned my ears and got the wax out. No ENT doctor needed.

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