Ear Canal Itching

My ear canal starts itching within minutes after putting in my hearing aid. If I leave the aid out this doesn’t happen. Since I can’t scratch it, it drives me crazy. Anybody had this experience or know how to prevent it?

Maybe you could ask your audiologists about getting ear moulds with vents in. Unfortunately due to my severe hearing loss I’ve never been able to have vents, due to the likelihood of feedback, and my ears itch like crazy sometimes whilst wearing my HAs, but it’s something you could maybe ask about.

Try to keep your ear moulds as clean as possible, but even that doesn’t completely solve the problem, so it’s probably just one of those things we have to live with.

I use eargene. A product made for this. I use it very very sparingly by one drop on my finger and then rubbing it allover the custom ear mold parts that touch the inside of my ear canal. It sooths and calms my ear canals down beautifully. It was worse with ear domes but the custom molds with vents and a little eargene once a week work very well for me.

Good luck and don’t give up on the hearing aids. After YOU and YOUR ears adjust you will be a new person with happy friends who don’t have to repeat themselves all the time.

I have behind the ear aids with tubes that go to little domes on the end.

Where do you get eargene