Ear buds to hear on phone -what kind to buy?

I use a compilot with my iphone to talk.
My husband got ipod wireless bluetooth earbuds for himself. Hooked them up to my phone and i could hear better than with my hearing aid!
Thinking of getting some myself. Has someone found an even BETTER solution?

What hearing aid are you using?

Phonak Audeo 90 B-R bicros

My hearing aids are my earbuds. I cannot hear without them.

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Hearing aid with Compilot to connect with iPhone is not as clear as iPod earbud alone connecting to iPhone.
I spend an hour at a time on phone for work and need hands free.
Before I spend $150 at Best Buy on earbuds to use in my one ear whch has moderate loss I want to see if there is another type of earbud people like bettered use with iPhone.

My aids connect directly to my iPhone and the sound is great for short or long calls and streaming music sound good to me.

Mine need Compilot. Ok for music but not hearing certain voices. Bicros not yet Marvels with direct connect. Phonak also discontinued app for remote control with Compilot.

Need earbud recommendation

Apple’s AirPods are the gold standard of earbuds which is why they are so popular despite the high price. I certainly hear phone calls and, especially music far better with AirPods than with my hearing aids.

The design is ingenious enough I could actually wear them over my RITE aids but since the microphones to the aids are behind my ear I get no benefit from that other than being able to avoid taking off and storing the hearing aids. I wonder if anyone with ITE HAs can wear and benefit from AirPods with the their HAs?