Each ear different


In my left ear the tinnitus is louder than in y right ear. Ithinkthe left ear isphysical dammagefrom flying with the leftcockpit windowopen andthe right is caused by age. Make sense?



Well if your hearing is worse in the ear with the worse tinnitus then it makes perfect sense because tinnitus is associated with hearing loss.



Absolutely, The Wind entering your left ear from the open cockpit window as well as the engine noise probably explains your louder tinnitus in that ear. I have read studies that show that avid hunters usually have a greater hearing loss in the ear that is on the side that they hold the gun and motorcycle riders hearing loss is made worse by the up to 125dB wind noise entering their ears not to mention the noise of the bike itself. Your experience makes perfect sense.



OK, then because they are both from a different cause/assault maybe the cure is different?

The reason this seems to be important is that 3 months ago I started using a blood thinner (Xeralto) because of a Bi-Lateral Pulmonary Embolism. Since then the tinnitus in my right ear has diminished but that in my left ear is unchanged. The right ear has very nearly been cured, apparently by improved circulation. But the left ear that was caused by physical assault shows no change though I assume that the improvement in circulation is the same in both ears.

Is this important information or something everyone already knows?



I’m glad the tinnitus in your right ear is improved. I don’t have any explanations why Xeralto would have helped and suspect they are not related. It’s likely worth mentioning to your doctor though just so he/she has an overall idea of how you’re doing.



My ringing is worse in my right ear because my hearing is worse in the right ear. My ringing is my brain trying to handle the frequencies that my loss of hearing is not sending to my brain