Duracell batteries. Cheap!

We’re selling Duracell now. With the FORUM discount code that puts a box of 80 Duracell batteries at $19.99 (no tax or shipping fees within the USA). That beats Amazon pricing. For our forum users that’s less than 25 cents per battery.

Sizes available:

Size 312: Duracell Activeair® Hearing Aid Batteries - Size 312 - 80 Batteries
Size 13: Duracell Activeair® Hearing Aid Batteries - Size 13 - 80 Batteries
Size 10: Duracell Activeair® Hearing Aid Batteries - Size 10 - 80 Batteries

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My favorite battery!!! Longer life. Handy storage. Longer tabs for easier removal.

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Great price. Official supplier of our web design company.

Got my set a week or so ago. I like them. Will reorder from here when the time comes.

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Duracell size 312 batteries are now our top selling product. This was sort of unexpected for me, so I’m curious, for those who purchased Duracell in the shop, what were your reasons?

  • Duracell brand
  • Long pull tabs
  • Battery quality
  • Packaging (plastic box versus cardboard cards)

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Something missing in the poll? Let me know!

Just ordered. Post must be 20 characters.

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According to Amazon reviewers, the Duracell 312s are made in Elwangen, Germany. That’s the same town in which Power One 312s are made. I guess that place must be the 312 capital of the world!

I noticed when I bought my last package of 312’s at Costco the packaging has changed slightly, with a different shade of brown, and the +312 clearly marked on each battery tab. The appearance of the battery has also changed somewhat. I also see now that the package claims the batteries are made in Germany. I’m sure the last package said they came from USA. I wonder now if they are still Ray-O-Vac made? In checking on Ray-O-Vac they now appear to be owned by Energizer! The battery world seems to be all turned upside down. Perhaps there really is only one factory with all these different names coming out of it…

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I personally believe that all of the batteries are coming from the same source.

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When I used PowerOne they were tight in the hearing aide. Now using the Duracell they are loose and frequently falling out.

I am use the powerOne batteries and I find the new batch I have to be loose in the hearing aids and they also fall out.

More proof all these batteries are coming out of one factory?

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Just thought I’d drop this old story. Still relevant of course:


Both my PowerOne and Duracell’s were from this site’s store and they are different sizes. Absolutely no suspicion of counterfeit.

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The last Duracells I bought were made by Varta.(That’s what was on the box) The same company that makes Power One as well as some other brands.