DuoPhone Problem

I just got the Phonak SMARTs. The DuoPhone feature works pretty good if you’re in an isolated room, but if there are people around all you can hear is background noise and not the person on the phone. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions for my audi?

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I wrote to Phonic asking about how easyphone / duophone works as my provider is also confused, I received the following:
Hi Tom,

thanks for your question.
It works in Automatic mode with the EasyPhone option, if EasyPhone with DuoPhone is turned on by your fitter.
And it works in manual program with T/Loop + Mic when DuoPhone is turned on.
It does not work in all other manual programs, based on these programs were not optimized for telephone use.

I hope I can help you,
Bettina Stürmann

Bettina Stürmann 

Validation Manager

I then asked: Thanks! That helps a lot.

As my DuoPhone is only working in T/Loop mode; does that mean it must not be turned on in Automatic mode?

She responded:

In my opinion DuoPhone is turned on in T mode and not turned on in Automatic mode.
If you want it also in Automatic mode, your acoustician could turn it on combined with EasyPhone.

Kind Regards
Bettina Stürmann

Bettina Stürmann
Validation Manager

I was VERY pleased with how she was willing to answer a question from a user. I’m very happy with Phonic!Of course I spent a ton of money getting the Excilia Art ITC with I-Com, and SmartLink + FM

DuoPhone on the Smart IX works through acoustic phone mode, which is a microphone not Telecoil based program. This gives significant amplification to the low and mid frequency microphone pickup to increase sensitivity to the phone’s acoustic output, thus increasing any environmental noise. I would suggest that you use the iCom with a bluetooth mobile phone in these situations or use a landline phone bluetooth adaptor such as Oticon’s connectline Phone. Have the audi drop the mic gain relative to bluetooth to -8dB and the problem should be a thing of the past.

I have found that users do not like the frequency response that gets set up for Acoustic Phone mode.

I have simulated a manual form of DuoPhone with the Zoom Control program - this has a flatter frequency response which users prefer.

Overall the ear-to-ear streaming DOES work VERY well - as long as everything else is set up properly.

If you turn the streaming OFF you WILL notice a worsening when using a phone in a noisy place.

I’ll try the ZoomControl tip as an alternative program and see how tha1t works with clients. Thanks

I have been trying out the Smart IXs for a few weeks. Seems that their capability is limited by that of the audi knowing how to set it up for individual needs. ]Duophone didn’t work well the last 2 weeks. After consultation with Phonak it’s working better now - much less echo, feedback.
I’m waiting to try out an icom for use with my work phone. Is there a benefit to duophone vs purchasing the icom for bluetooth? If I do get the icom - any recommendations on hubs to connect to my work phone or a bluetooth phone for home?

I’m still trying to tweak the phone situation with the Smart IX’s… It seems like the icom works great with my cell phone, but I’ve had people complain about the sound of my voice at work when using the Jabra A7010. Not sure if this is caused by the Jabra, my work phone, or the icom. I really don’t like the duophone b/c of all the background noise… I’m experimenting with the zoom control program on the phone at work and that seems to be working best so far…

I too have the smart 1xs with icom and my pilot
I am battling with the duophone feature and find I am better off without it at present in fact without the HAs in at all!
Yes lots of environment noise but apart from that to get the binaural hearing I have to select “phone” on the My Pilot. I understood that just holding a phone to the ha programmed in by the audi would activate the binaural, but it doesn’t for me.

I have tried magnets on/by the phone, including strong ones, but no effect, all that triggers the binaural hearing is the “phone” setting in the mypilot
Anyone know if this is correct please?? as its a pain to have to have the mypilot switched on all the time