Dumb ? but how does the iPilot / icom work?

I am looking in to getting the ComPilot or the icom to be able to hear on the phone.

I understand that it connects to the phone via bluetooth but how does it connect to your hearing aids? I have Naida UP hearing aids, if that helps. Is it t loop / switch?


Realised its called the Compilot not the ipilot. dah!

There is a Bluetooth radio link from the iCom to the phone.

There is a second, much low power radio link connecting the iCom to the aids.

A low power radio link also can connect the two aids.

Most of this radio stuff happens transparently i.e. with little user input needed.

So i dont need to go back to my audio when i get one? It will just work straight away with my aids on their normal setting?

I dont plan to use it as remote if i get the com pilot as i like the visual display of the my pilot.

Ah, no.

You’ll probably need to ‘tell’ the aids and the accessories how they are all connected etc.

A sort of ‘pairing’ like with mobile phones, plus defining how the Bluetooth etc programs are configured.

I may just be missing something obvious, but I’ve had my Naida IX UPs for about ten days now and even though I paired the ComPilot to my iPad and my cell phone, it would only link up with those things the first time directly following the pairing and not once since. They link up with no problem to both my TV and desktop computer, so I’m wondering if the problem is simply that the signal from my TV and internet connection (both Comcast) are so much stronger than either the phone or iPad (thus far, I’ve always been in the general vicinity of both when I’m trying to use the phone or iPad).

When pairing phones and the like you often need to set a ‘flag’ or ‘switch’ in the phone’s control screens to permit ‘automatic’ connects following the initial connect.