Drying jar help please

So along with the other stuff, AH sent a drying jar with a sponge. I am clueless.
Do I throw the sponge away, or is it there just to keep the little beady things away from my HAs? Do I just drop the HAs battery and all in there?


I just found online my owner’s manual with all the answers:p

And I bet it says to just throw everything on top of the sponge overnight. And to throw it in a microwave when the beads are no longer blue … oh yeah … and leave the batteries in but open the battery door all the way and leave it open.

These little jars are okay, cheap … free … not the best though. To really extend the life of your aids, you might want to look at an electric dryer, such as the Dry and Store. Using the little jar of beads, my hearing aids eventually started going dead, cutting out, even though I kept the beads blue and used it every night. My dispenser at the time sent them in for repair 3 times, and then suggested getting the Dry and Store from him … which he sold for about $100 US. Yeah, right … sure. But … after doing so, they haven’t cut out or broken down since. That thing really made a difference. I consider it a well spent $100, and will continue using it with my new aids when I settle on which ones I’ll keep. And I’m using it nightly with the ones I’m trialing … and my new audi is quite happy that I have the Dry and Store as well.

Anyway, the Dry and Store plugs into an electric outlet, has an 8 hour cycle, which you can interrupt early if needed. It has a dessicant brick inside and a fan that blows warmed air throughout the box, and of course the aids inside the box. It also has an ultraviolet blue light that goes on for just the first minute or two which supposedly kills germs on the outsides of the aids, although just the parts that get hit by the light. I consider it well worth the money after my experience before and after it.

Thank you, I will look into a dry and store.

If you are traveling …the jars work for a few days. The Dry and Store also use a UV light. This will keep your ears from itching and helps in cleaning the HA’s.

The Dry and Store sounds expensive …100 bucks…but just think how much you spent on the aids.

Also on the Dry and Store, after a couple of months the fan started sounding rather loud … it is a computer type bearing fan. I contacted Dry and Store via email, and they suggested mailing it in to them and they would repair it. When I asked a further question about shipping it, they offered to just send me a new fan with instructions on replacing it. It was a simple job, two screws to open the box, another holding the fan in place, lift out, replace, close up. The instructions give me the impression that they do this as needed to avoid shipping and its hassles. There was no extra cost involved on my part. So I am impressed by their customer service as well as their product. I have seen a couple of other products that are similar but could not speak for them as my dispenser carried the Dry and Store only, so that is what I got.

I think that for what you get, that is a reasonable cost. I looked around and it looks like there is a model available without the UV light, I’m not sure if it is the same company, for slightly cheaper. But I think that is ‘penny wise, pound foolish’ and that the UV is a good feature.

Heck, the 5 sets of different colored Ear Gears hearing aid covers I got (vanity, thy name is woman) cost more than Dry and Store charges for its product.

I have been using dry and store for years, and have never had a moisture problem with my aids. Well except for that time I put them through the wash, and dry and store brought them back to life.

Our board sponsor sells the dry and store so next payday I’ll buy from them. They have free shipping and take Paypal so it’s pretty convenient. And since their money helps pay for this site, I owe the acquaintance of this very unusual bunch here…ahem, I mean y’all fine people, to their help :smiley:

Really, I want to thank all of you for teaching me so much, a lot of HA info that made the process better and easier was found here.