Dryer for Phonak P90r

In June, the VA issued me a pair of Phonak P90s with size 13 batteries. They have been very satisfactory and, as I have done for years, I use a dryer daily.

Now, in order to get some more features, I am getting Phonak P90s that are rechargeable. These have lithium batteries. I’m looking for a dryer that will not damage them. The VA will provide dessicant but I would rather have a dryer. Please tell me a dryer solution that will not damage the Phonaks. Thank you.

Phonak Charge and Care is a dryer/charger. I paid $155

Perfect DryLUX is one of the best dryers available; they run about $40 at Costco.


IMO, most rechargeables, and the Phonak P90 in particular, really don’t need a dryer. That model has a Liquid Ingress Protection rating of 8 which means “Immersion, in 1 meter (3 ft 3 in) or more depth for at least 30 minutes with no harmful effects.” I have the Costco KS-10.0Ts which are basically identical to Audeo Paradise P90RTs and figure if they can withstand drowning for a half-hour or more, a little sweat isn’t going to faze them.


I haven’t used my PerfectDryLuxe since I got rechargeable aids, and won’t to keep from damaging the batteries.

I liked when I was using it that the UV lamp sanitized the domes, and the heat would dry any moisture and wax on the domes, making it easier to wipe or brush off.

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As @Fender_Bender said, - the P90r shouldn’t need drying out in normal use. However since my Phonak charger has a space in the lid for a silica gel capsule, I place one in there since I have some - just in case.
Roughly every month I dry the capsules out briefly in the microwave and reuse. It is probably unnecessary but there is no cost involved and very little hassle.


Picked up a pair of KS 10’s yesterday and musing on whether a dryer is needed. I have a Phonak drying cup (kind you pop a desiccant tablet at the bottom) which I used with my old HAs. Presumably no harm to the rechargeable batteries? Just wanted to check before I do something daft…

I have the KS10T hearing aids and use the PerfectDry Lux drier every night after recharging the HA’s. I do this mainly to sanitize them. Prior to these aids I had the Rexton 42’s that I also got from Costco. I suffered from itchy ear every day with the Rexton’s and had several ear infections. I have had the KS10T’s about 7 months and since using the UV drier I do not have itchy ear or have I had an ear infection. I also turn off the HA’s prior to drying them. I don’t know if this is necessary but that is what I was told by the installer at Costco. The jury is still out on whether they need to be turned off or not.