Dry & Store Hearing Aid Dryer

Has anyone used the Dry & Store HA dryer? I’ve been using the AudioDry warmer, and had an issue with one HA (Bernafon Verite 5). It had to be replaced because of a moisture problem (this is what I was told).

I’m going to Costa Rica in two weeks and want to get a Dry & Store if it will make a difference in a very humid environment.

yes, the circulating warm air will help… a tip to keep your aid from condensation when going from an A/C room out into the heat put them in a zip-lock and let them warm up to the outside temp and then put them in.

I commute back and forth between the SF Bay Area (low humidity) and Miami. I don’t bother w. a dry and store system. If I had to go thru the song and dance of removing them every time I stepped outside, I probably wouldn’t bother wearing HA most of the time. As it is, I have them on for virtually the entire day. I have to remember to take them off if I am outside and it begins to rain.
A couple times I’ve forgotten and wind up letting them dry out and change batteries. (It appears that rain kills batteries.)

  What are the adverse symptoms that may happen if you don't use a dry and store when you should?

If you have had moisture related problems already, I wouldn’t hesitate to get a Dry n Store, I use one and if I am out in the rain or sweating a lot I drop the HA in the D n S for an hour and it does an excellent job of drying the HA out.

A Dry and Store also dries out ear wax residue, making it easier to clean the hearing aid and sound tubes.

What about dry and stores UV light? Is it a good thing or bad thing?

I don’t care for the UV light. I clean my earmolds each night anyway and am concerned about the long term effects of UV on the plastic.
I have the Dry & Store Zypher which does not have the UV lamp. It is an excellent product.

I like the UV light. My ears don’t seem to itch when I use it regularly.

My D&S also has a UV light and although the earmold tubing has to be changed a little more often the earmold itself hasn’t seemed to degraded at all. The UV light is only on for a brief time in the 8 hour drying cycle, so I think any damage to the plastic is minimal.

I should have been clearer… I would only do the bag trick in the morning when they have been chilled over night or if you have been inside for awhile. Same trick works for a camera, tablet, etc… but, it is over the top every time you go in and out.

thanks for the replies. I think I will get the Dry & Store, but not the one with the UV light. I don’t think it will be any more or less trouble than the audiodry tray I use now and will probably address the moisture problem better.