Dry and Store

I bought a “Dry and Store” brand unit to dry my hearing aids, but the fan is very noisy (how ironic that I can hear the fan but not speech that I want to). Do all the electric drying systems have such noisy fans? I would return this unit and get something else, but if it is the same problem with all of the dryers, I won’t bother. Thanks.

I’ve had a Dry and Store for 6 years, and have never heard a peep. It’s the model that looks like a tall jewelry box.

this is the best…
i dont think they make noise… or that much noticeable…
Do I need hearing aids? maybe

I don’t understand why people would buy such a thing. I’m 41 years old, had hearing aids since I was 3 years old and never in my years did I ever have to worry about my hearing aids. Can you please explain to me why you bought this item???:confused:

I bought mine because the audie suggested it and I didn’t know any better. Now I use it to dry out the aids, and for the germicidal effect on the tubes and domes. My ears itch less when I use it, and I’ve never had a hearing aid problem due to moisture, so it’s all good.

kills germs and help to maintain the HI

I guess I could have said what I said in six words or less.:smiley: Oh wait, he used eight words. I could have still done it in in six. But he’s an audie and I’m a user, so who are you to believe? :slight_smile:

believe the end user

it also works great if you have oily hair/skin. even though i wipe it it off the dryer keeps the aid fresh. also i put my bluetooth headset in it and i feel it keeps the charge of the battery longer…ed h

If you live in a place with low humidity and you don’t sweat and you have aids that resist moisture…then maybe you can be lucky and not need a Dry&Store.

The vast majority of hoh would be better off with one. Ed

I bought it because I read that keeping your aids as dry as possible would prolong their life and help with good functioning. With such a big investment I wanted to do all I could to make them last as long as possible. Also I liked the idea of the germ killing and odor reducing properties.