Dr Cliff's upcoming HLAA webinar on "Hearing Treatment Alternatives and the Future of Audiology"

Given the current climate caused by COVID-19, there is concern regarding the quality & availability of audiological care. Currently there is limited care being provided with no end to the Pandemic in sight. Therefore, it is unclear when in-person hearing care will continue. However, there are options for treatment in the interim. Dr. Cliff will present on the current state of audiology clinics, hearing treatment alternatives, and how the COVID-19 Pandemic could change the future of audiology, followed by Q&A.

Register here: https://www.hearingloss.org/presenter_bios/clifford-r-olson-au-d/

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Thank you for the info. A good information source. The webinar on the Future of Audiology should be worthwhile.

I didn’t know about the Starkey Hear Now program. It looks interesting.


Well I for one don’t like the idea of audiological care being thrown in the category of hair solons, body massages, cosmetic stores, etc., in being shutdown or severely limited. Now I’m over rationalizing but it almost seems as if Audi care is now off the charts, though its a medical need many millions of people need throughout the world. Personally I don’t see the distance factor as a problem when testing hearing aids and we all know its usually one with one when you visit your HA dealer/Audi private office/testing area.

But you’re right Mr. Bailey that audiological care has diminished and in many cases fallen off the charts. So when do we see the “green” light when things get back to normal? And where do you rank something like needing new hearing aids, or having HA repaired or reprogrammed versus other things like dental work, blood tests, buying eye glasses, blood pressure checks, etc. So anything related to coronavirus gets immediate attention (what ever that means) but everything else falls by the wayside.

My assumption now is if a third of the states slowly start to open in May (which I feel is too early) we might start seeing HA related business start to pick up in June. If we are lucky,

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