Dr Cliff's new Costco video

True about the variance in fitters. Mine moved to a Costco 40 minutes away (vs the closer one 10 miles away) and I ended up chasing her there when I need an adjustment. She is very good at what she does and that makes it worth the drive.

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It has been mentioned here that there is a consumer reports pole rating costco #1.

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I’ve been seeing a licensed audiologist at my Costco center for over 7 years now, and the testing has been more complete than what I experienced in my 61 years going to many private practice audiologist’s.


Unfortunately it appears that Dr Cliff has taken the video down from his YouTube channel.


I’ve always appreciated Dr. Cliff’s videos, and thought that this recent one about Costco was honest and unbiased. Does anyone know why the video has been taken down?

Maybe some of his fellow audiologists protested that he might hurt them by promoting Costco even if his review was as fair and unbiased as possible?

I think the timing of the release was just moved back given the Coronavirus situation.


It’s interesting to read comments by people regarding Costco Hearing Centers. I initially (2008) went to a clinic audiologist my primary care doctor recommended. They did a thorough test for that time. They then recommended $5K-$7K Hearing aids, something I couldn’t afford. I went to Costco, got a test as good as the dedicated clinic and bought my first pair, Bernafons. I’ve since had another model of Brandon, the KS5’s and now the KS9’s.

Every fitter I’ve gone to at Costco has been an accredited audiologist, save one. And even that technician was as good as the audies I’ve seen. My care has been excellent and the testing has continued to improve. My last hearing test was an hour and a half.

I’m sorry for the people who’ve had non-satisfactory experiences with Costco Hearing, but having gone to hearing centers at four different Costcos, my care has been stellar.


I used Costco for 10 years. Great price, 2 good sets of HAs, super service. But, I wanted something they didn’t have so I switched. I was lucky and found a great ENT/Daud but I continue to recommend Costco.

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