Dot2 20

I have been suffering with uncorrected loss for the past 5 years. I was working at home and was sort of getting away with it. When I went back to work in an office it was extremely difficult and had to do something. (of course with prompting from my lovely Mrs.:))

What I noticed immediately trying the HAs with the audi was my reduction in *STRESS level. I couldn’t believe the stress I was putting myself under trying to hear and understand people.

LSS, I first tried the Panasonic 409 (low end $1500 each) and they were nice but I quickly realized that I need a few more features and it was still difficult hearing TV.
Then I tried the Resound Dot2 20 ($1900 each) (I saw that Consumer Reports had rated the Dot2 30 very highly). Wow what a difference. I can turn them muted in my office so I don’t have to listen to my loud keyboard and other noise and can quickly turn them on. There are 3 programs: General, restaurant, and TV/music.
Wow, these are great. I can hear the TV and participate in conversations.

In picking the Dot2 20 I decided to go without bluetooth or TV streaming features of the Alera with the benfits of the Dot2 20’s lower cost and very small size. It probably saves on battery usage as well.

In glad I finally got the HAs. Much less stressful and now I am finding that I can participate in conversations again without shying away from they because of the strain of hearing.

I’m glad they are working but are you sure about getting the older dot2?