A new product by resound

it looks identical to the Beltone RIC

It seems GN is really pushing to get new products in the pipeline…

Gm Foods

I don’t fit a ton of Resound aids, but this one looks pretty good. I had the reps in last week to show it. It is tiny! I can see this being a pretty good product for ReSound.

does it look like the beltone

how is the fitting, i must admit im not to crazy about

the aventa fitting soft…

I like the Live function in the oticon software - this is such a cool feature

Have you use procounsel?


We didn’t get into the software and I haven’t seen the beltone aid. The only aid I’ve seen close to this size is a sebotek, but this is smaller than that.

I can wade through the Resound software OK. I usually do everything manually instead of using the manufacturer’s suggestions.

I haven’t used procounsel either.

I am going to fit some “Dots,” hopefully in the near future. I’ll post my experiences after that.