Dot vs amplifon

My head is spinning ! I really need some help here

I downloaded the PDF documents on the Amplifon Moxi and ReSound Dot 20
and am trying to compare the specs. Tough to compare specs when you dont know what they mean or the $$ value of them .

One audi is trying to put me in a Amplifon Element 8 Moxi and another suggests the Dot 20 or 30.

I do not understand all of the features and could use help in deciding.

Moxi : 8 channels, 8 bands, Adaptive Directionality $4300.00 pair

Dot 20 : (channels unknown) , 17 bands multiscope adaptive directionality (advanced) , $3200.00 pair

The spec sheets are quite detailed and in the proper hands could tell exactly which aid is the better choice.

If someone knows how to read the specs online and has time to explain it to me I would really appreciate it.

Thanks !

I’ve been there, done that, and it can be very confusing. I’ve been wearing aids for 6 years, and have been wearing the dot 30 for the last 5 days. I know nothing about the Element 8, except to say that from battery size alone (312 battery) it’ll be a larger aid than the dot (10 battery).

I wore the Pulse before this, and I’d say the dot 20 is a step up from the Pulse in specs and features, and it’s tiny. With the 312 battery I was getting 10-11 days with the Pulse. With the 10 battery, it’s a shade over 6 days. Both are comfortable behind my ear, but the dot is really comfortable by comparison.

The dot 30 is a step up in technology from the dot 20, with its “natural directionality.” Basically, at least as I understand it, the aid in one ear is set for omni-directional mics, and the other ear is set with a directional, forward facing mic. But in down and dirty layman’s terms, I can hear sounds behind me much better with the dot 30 than with any other aids I’ve experienced.

So I’m biased and partial to Resound. :stuck_out_tongue: And I’d get the dot 30, all things being equal.

But if the choice was between the Element 8 and the dot 20, and I was brand new to hearing aids, I’d try the dot 20 first because of its smaller size behind the ear (and slightly bigger fitting range as I compare the two).

natural directionallity is basically an asimetric directionality where as one instrument is set as a Monitor ear (omni) and the other as focus- full directional
this asimetric directionality provides not only speech understanding to the person who is in front but also awareness of sounds around you…

this is a new concept - quite novel which was develop by GN resound…
therefore, it is only available in the azure and Dot…

dot 30 to be exact. The 10 and 20 don’t offer natural directionality.

I’ve had the dot 20 for about 2 weeks now but it’s my first HA so you should discount what you want. Anyway, my hearing loss is pretty flat in the 40 to 50 range. This thing is light, very comfortable and no one notices it - even though i dont have any hair (to speak of) to hide it. Best of all, I can hear all those soft-spoken folks.

I got the volume pumped up today so i can (hopefully) pick up the wisperers. My audi didn’t recommend the 30 - he thought it was a little overkill with my type of loss. And i don’t seem to have an issue with direction because this is predominantly for work in a quiet office. I’m not sure how it will be on the golf course but work was my primary concern.
The 30 was $5400 for the pair - $1200 more than i paid.

Nice post about the dot 20. I’ve been posting my experience with the dot 30 at

Here’s hoping you get great use from the dot 20, like I hope to from the 30!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve experienced the Pulse, and consider the dot 20 a step up from that. I also wore the Azure for almost a month. The dot 30 is like the Azure, and like life, has its trade-offs.

In noisy restaurant situations, I found the Pulse, like I expect the dot 20, to be better at helping me hear those directly in front of me. The Azure, like the dot 30, gives me a bit more awareness of sounds behind me, at the expense of hearing in noise in restaurants. Any other “listening situations” seem about equal.

Jay thanks for the info. Had I known earlier how easy these were to program, I would have gone with and saved myself $1,600 and several trips to the audi. I’m still in the trial period though I’m not sure if it would be right to return them esp after 3 (soon to be 4) visits to the audi. I’m thinking about trying the 30s but they (hearing planet) want $1,200 more. I think it’s time to negotiate!