Dot 30 purchase, help needed

I’m thinking to order a pair of GN Resound dot 30’s on eBay (1500 US $ shipped from England for the pair!)

This is my audiogram; by the way, I’m a first time buyer.

250 O30 ×15
500 O25 ×20
1000 O30 ×35
1500 O35 ×45
2000 O40 ×50
3000 O65 ×65
4000 O80 ×80
6000 O85 ×75
8000 O65 ×65

As I would like to try open fitting first, my question is what receiver to order, the standard or power. I know that with most other brands there is no option for an open earpiece with the power receiver, how is it with the dot?
Another one; does the earpiece in the dot function as a wax guard or do I have to order those also? Should I order more earpieces for future use?
Is it possible to order a tulip dome and possibly change it myself in case of need?

For that matter, should I order different sizes of the open dome for fit? What about the wire? Is all this interchangeable by the end user?

Thank you in advance for your input


All of these questions are exactly the reason you don’t want to order the dot 30 on eBay, or even from You should work with a local audiologist who can determine what you need.

The domes and wax guards are separate on the dot 30, and the domes are 5, 7 and 10 mm open dome, and tulip dome for feedback control. The domes and wax guards are replaceable by the wearer.

The wire length is sized from 0 to 3, and if I remember correctly also has a canal depth of A or B (A being the deeper one). The receiver wires are not easily replaceable by the wearer, as you need a tool to pop the aid apart to pull the wire off.

Training video on ReSound website:

The difference in price is such that I’ll probably take them to a local Audi for a refit.

But, it seems that I need to order extra wax guards, and maybe ask for two different sizes of the open dome.

I will still like to know what receiver to get.