DONT buy Direct Mail Hearing Aids - Here's Why:

Here’s a good article I found on direct mail hearing aids:

I couldn’t agree more.

The money you save up front will just get spent trying to bribe a local hearing professional to take care of you after the fact.

Many modern hearing aids need to be calibrated in the patient’s ear at the fitting. If this is not done, you are not getting the most from the aids.

I disagree with this premise. There are a number of alternatives to purchasing an aid from a local purveyor. offers high quality aids at about half what an audiologist charges. They are set to your audiogram and if tweaking is needed that is done over the Internet or by fast FedX. They also offer a simple self tweaking PC based set up. 100% satisfaction guarantee 100% money back, 60 day trial. offers name brand aids for about 60% of what a local would charge. They set the aids to your audiogram. Tweaking by FedX.

There are a number of other ethical reliable sources on the Internet.

Ebay offers name brand aids at less than half of the typical local charges…but there are no after purchase services.

If a hoh is computer literate, with a mild to moderate loss, no medical complications, than, in my opinion, they should check out these alternate sources. Ed