Don’t know what to do ear infections affecting hearing after current domes rub against eczema?

Hi I’ve been having even more problems with my ears due to eczema like changes inside my ear canal which means when i where my current hearing aids they cause me to get ear infections by rubbing against the eczema. I have recently had a couple of ear infections which i feel has made changes to my hearing and so when i wear my hearing aids everything sounds quieter and i struggle a lot more than i use to without them. My hearing aid center only do hearing tests every 3 years unless there is a medical reason then it may be done sooner but you have to go through getting a ent referal i currently have an appointment for ent in February of next year to see about getting hypoallergenic moulds but feel i want a hearing test sooner so as if there are any changes I can use this to try and get my doctors surgery to bring the appointment forward which they won’t do unless it is urgent enough. So i feel like i want to go for a specsavers for a free hearing test to see if there are any changes and to see if they can give me a copy of the audiogram to take to my doctors as I’m really struggling but I don’t know if this is a good idea or not as i know if I’m patient i could get a hearing test in February but if i do that I’m worried my hearing could become even worse if i get more infections cause by my current closed dome rubbing against the eczema causing inflammation which then leads to infections and so i want to be seen by ent quickly to try and get hypoallergenic moulds as i only have one ear and am reliant on my bicros to hear well as it is.

If the hearing aids are causing that kind of distress in your ears, I think that is a “medical condition”. While it may have to go to an ENT, I would think the HA center should have a look at the fit of these aids As Soon As Possible. Maybe there is a different earbud or fitting or vent or other “simple” fix.

I have an ent referral to see if i can get hypoallergenic ear moulds as the hearing aid centre won’t do them for me as they don’t feel it is necessary my main concern at the moment is that the ear infections I’ve had as a result of my current closed dome rubbing making the eczema worse leading to ear infections has affected my hearing more causing my hearing aids to sound quite when i am able to wear them and need to know if i should get a free hearing test at specsavers to use that to see if my doctors surgery can get my current ent referral moved forwards to get the moulds as I’m worried that i’ll only get more infections in the time frame before the appointment in February there fore making my hearing worse

I would think you need a dermatology consult ASAP. A strong steroidal cream such as clobetasol propionate should be able to get your eczema-like condition under control in a few days and, if used regularly, keep it quiescent enough to allow your hearing aids to do their job without undue discomfort from the domes.

Recently when I went to get my ears cleaned, the physician’s assistant who did the job diagnosed me as having a fungal infection in one ear. He quizzed me as to whether I was applying steroids to my ear canal as he said that it made fungal infections more likely (immunosuppressive effect). Wife, a board-certified internist, says that what you do depends on what is more urgent - just because you use steroids, doesn’t mean you’re going to get a fungal infection. But the possible side effects are something to keep in mind. Clobetasol is one of the most powerful topical steroids there is (rated as “super-strength”).

I’ve used it, sparingly, for years. Never had the slightest problem.

I use acetic acid ear calm spray to keep the ear moist and treat the signs my doctor doesn’t think it is bad enough to need steroid cream as it only a small area and it was well controlled with ear calm spray it’s just that the domes keep aggravating it making it red and inflamed and they want me to try a different type of material mould incase it’s the dome material making things worse. my only concern is my hearing being affected by the risk of infection because of the domes rubbing not the eczema as that could be gotten back under control if the domes where changed for moulds of hypoallergenic material.

LRav - The ONLY two moderately bad cases of otitis I ever got in my entire life was after being fitted with the so-called “hypoallergenic” moulds, no kidding! Within 24 hrs, I had itching and burning, by 48 hours, my ears were lobster-claw RED. By 72 hours, I had full-blown otitis in my ear canals that took a good week of medication to heal. Know that there could very well be a chemical used in that hypoallergenic plastic that you are actually ALLERGIC to.

So my first piece of advice is to get in to a qualified audi who can switch moulds. Can you use the softer, silicone domes? If not, ONLY get a custom mould made in a material you are truly not allergic to. For me, that was the standard, fuddy-duddy flesh-colored hard plastic. I never ever had a reaction to wearing that kind of plastic in my ear canals in the decades I had ITEs.

The SOONER you get in to replace the tips, the better. You may likely need a period of a week or so to put medication in your ears and calm things down (that’s what I call my “Helen Keller” period - especially as we lose power during the winter here and I can both grope around blind AND be deaf as a post).

You simply must get this attended to before February for SURE or you will likely go down a path with a LOT more pain, suffering and recovery with NO aids in the ears at all. Please keep us posted!

I gave myself a fungal infection in my BELLY BUTTON - which, come to think of it is nothing more than a super narrow ear canal, eh? I had been putting cortisone on an infection there, and sure enough, the “immunosuppresant” effect lead to the infection. I was told to put Bacitracin on, and like a miracle, that cleared it up in a few days.

I wonder if one could daub some antibiotic on a Q-tip and gently swab the ear canal?

I use a CPAP and when I change mask types in particular I can get irritation of my nose (with a nasal mask). I have found some relief by using a 1% OTC hydrocortisone cream. I am careful to only use it in the morning right after my shower, and not use it in the evening before putting the mask on. I also avoid using it more than a week or two at the most. It can cause the skin to thin and make things worse if used too long.

You could try smaller domes for now?

If one scrolls down the page of the National Psoriasis Foundation (avoiding various solicitations), you can find a chart of the relative potency of topical steroids. I have been prescribed desonide for facial use (it’s pretty expensive but covered by my insurance), somewhat more potent than OTC hydrocortisone. Anything more potent than desonide is probably not advisable to use on your face or other thin-skinned areas of your body unless counseled by a doctor. If a doctor hasn’t prescribed a regimen for you and you’re using steroid for some reason, a light application and waiting a bit to see what happens might be a better approach than smearing it on every day. With desonide, a single light application seems to suppress an inflammatory response for a least a couple weeks for me or often makes it go away entirely in facial areas if I’m lucky.

There is also tacrolimus, an inhibitor of calcineurin, involved in the production of interleukin-2, which promotes the growth of T-cells in your immune system. Unlike steroids, tacrolimus doesn’t cause skin thinning, but it is not without serious side effects (read the Wikipedia article on it). One inconvenient side effect is that it sensitizes the skin to UV (but you might use it, for example, in places where the sun don’t shine that are sensitive to skin thinning). Tacrolimus ointment is also super-expensive (my formulation is called Protopic). Even with prescription coverage, a 60 gm tube a few years ago cost me over $200 - but it had a multi-year expiration date. I continue to use it sparingly where I don’t want to risk skin thinning and it still seems to be working a year or two past its expiration date. It’s a possible treatment for eczema as well as psoriasis. Tacrolimus - Wikipedia

I’m going to get a hearing test on Friday at specsavers to see if there are any changes get a copy of the audiogram and if there are give that to my doctors surgery in the hope that might prompt them to hurry up the ent appointment but it may not and they won’t give me a cream because they said it was only eczema like changes and it’s not bad enough to need a cream which is what i have said on here before so that is a no go on the cream front my only hope is if the hearing test prompts them to do something to hurry up the appointment so i know that there is no point in mentioning a cream to the doctors surgery as unless it gets worse they won’t give a cream the only thing I’m at all worried about is the repeating ear infections when i where my current closed domes as the eczema like changes don’t bother my ears i don’t get any itching or discomfort from my ears when i don’t try and wear my current bicros