Domes - why do they slowly work themselves out?

My dads best friend is getting on well with her new aids but has to keep pushing her domes in, anyone know why they work themselves out?

I’ve never encountered this problem.

Basically more friction is needed. A concha lock or bigger domes might help. It basically comes down to how the dome/mold interacts with the ear canal. It’s possible that a custom mold might be required. This is assuming proper receiver wire length. If it’s too short, that could certainly contribute.

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I think it’s primarily jaw movements that make the domes work their way out. I had the problem until I began using Sport Locks (tiny YouTube and how to use the Sport Lock). That was the solution.

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That was definitely what was contributing to mine coming out with one pair. The other pair stayed in much better. When comparing the two, the difference was in the 90 degree bend at the entrance of the canal. One was a sharp 90 the other a long swooping 90. I could use the same dome on both and the longer 90 would stay in much better.


These things never worked for me. Getting molds worked well (well, one ear worked great and one ear worked eh; would’ve got that earmold reworked but I got the CI so it became irrelevant).

Agreed that shape of wire could contribute too.


I had the problem persistently, of the domes working their way out. The audie tried: different sized domes, different size receiver wires. She wanted to quit at that point and didn’t want me to get custom molds. I insisted. I got the molds. Well, they didn’t work their way out but they were horrible and I felt them constantly. I switched audiologists and, by then, I’d learned more from this website. The first audie had me sit perfectly still while the mold was taken. Maybe that’s called a “closed” fitting. The new audie had me move my jaw around while the mold was being taken. I believe that’s called an “open” fitting? Bingo! That did the trick. I’ve had the new custom molds for more than a year now. That’s what worked for me.


I ordered some “OtoFerm Comfort Cream Ear Plug Lubricant” from Amazon. It acts more as a sealant than a lubicant, it keeps my domes in place all day.

When I had domes I tried both Westone’s OtoEase and Miracell and neither did the trick for me. I’m glad I won’t ever have to deal with domes again (though I’d have been happier if that was because my hearing had improved rather than declined precipitously but eh)…

I guess it depends on our individual anatomy. I actually had trouble with the dome being sucked into my right ear. Eventually started using a mold because of it.

In my case, it was a simple fitting issue. I returned to the audiologist and we worked it out. The size of the dome, its composition, and the depth of the RIC wire after the bend, and etc.

Everyone and their solutions are different.

It was a problem for me with 2 different kinds of domes and gave me incentive to get custom molds (for my first hearing aids, Rexton Trax 42s). The molds were better, but I still had to push them in every time I realized I wasn’t hearing as well as I should/could. It happened often enough to be a mild annoyance, but I never did anything more about it.

Now I have KS9s with small power domes, and they’re better yet, but I can’t say it doesn’t happen. It’s worse in one ear than the other, and just looking at the molds, it was easy to figure out why. One ear has an almost straight canal. The other has distinct curves.

We’ve solved the issue by getting smaller domes.

Thank you all.


I’m having this issue with a pair I’m currently trialing. I wish I could get a custom wire because I think I’m between sizes.

You might try earmolds if you’re in between sizes. I noticed that the wire on my earmold fit me much better than the wire on my receiver (and numerically they were difference sizes too).

Had problems with right dome constantly slipping out. Tried smaller and smaller and even closed. Finally figured I need one size for one ear and a larger size for the other. Like some people with shoes.

When they do the mold it should come with a spur. My AUD ground it off and the mold kept coming out. Did a new mold and left it on. Now everything is ok.