Domes or custom mold?

I’m in trial of phonak and oticon RIC HAs. My loss is as shown in my signature. Would you think a custom mold is necessary?
Would I be ok with an open dome, or would I have feedbasck issues?
I have tried both. Open domes seem to whistle when I cover my ear with my hand.
Custom mold seems to get wet and somehow not staying firmly in position after hours of wearing, this way causing the sound to perhaps sounding vibrating (is this also called feedback?).
Closed or power domes give me a really hard time with the telephone, whereas I never had a problem speaking on the phone.
Finally, I have high pitched tinnitus in both ears and low pitched tinnitus in left ear.
What would you advice me given my low frequency hearing loss and my so far experience?

Domes come in many shapes and sizes and one of them could work for you. A custom mold also could work for you. My experience with domes causes itchiness in my ears and drives me crazy when I am testing hearing aids in my own ears. Custom molds work better for me as they are less itchy.

That said, my advice would be to start with domes and see if they work for you. You can always switch to custom molds whenever you like.

For me personally, I wear custom molds and would not go back to open domes.

is this your first pair of aids?

does this problem occur in both ears?

there’s something wrong. it’s hard to make a oticon aid feedback. it’s actually hard nowadays to make any aid feedback. what model is this aid? this should be on the actual aid.

have you been cleaning your molds daily with alcohol swabs. obviously you take care not to get alcohol flowing into the receiver.

what is this problem with the phone when wearing power domes?

possible issues:

  1. domes are not the right size. they come in small, medium and large. should not be slidding in anyway. should be a tight fit. you can ask for next larger sized domes and keep the ones you have and change them yourself.
  2. possibly you are not putting them incorrectly. should be pushed in about 1 cm deep.
  3. programming software does not have the right receiver parameters and dome type. should run feedback manager after changes. you can call your audi to confirm that the the genie programming software has the right parameters.
  4. problem with receiver. audi can replace it during your next visit. if it happens on both sides then this is most likely not the case
  5. problem with unit. if it happens on both sides then this is most likely not the case
  6. could be a moisture problem with the aid. do you find that you aids are covered with sweat? you may try a dry and store unit. bag of rice with the aid wrapped in tissue can be an alternative.

good of you for trying 2 different brands.

Many thanks for the answers!

Yes! First time fitted and problem appears for both ears.

The feedback issue appears when trialing the phonak audeo q50 ric with open domes. I have also tried with closed, power domes and molds.
And I take care while daily cleaning with alcohol the HA.

I am not able to listen! Trying to hold the phone on top of my ear does not work either. I have been told that this could be because initially the HAs are turned down. Could this be the case?

Thanks for the remark, I am putting them correctly. You might have a point for dome sizing. Seeing the molds, I can tell right ear canal is narrower than left ear, so using medium domes for both ears doesn’t seem right.

I will check for receiver parameters and feedback manager. 4) or 5) do not seem likely.
Thanks for the tip with the rice, I will try it. My aids are not covered with sweat, still I understand moisture is always a problem for HAs.

My feeling with the current q50 custom mold trial is that the mold, as the day goes by, seems to slip and cause the HA to have a distorted sound, kind of like vibrating. Could this be true? (The wire also is not totally adjacent to my skin)
I understand that custom molds seem to be better.
I wonder though how to handle this issue with moisture?
Do the molds need to be redone or should/could I use open domes - given my LF hearing loss and tinnitus - with the proper size?

You are referring to the aids as rics but not giving the specific model name. q50 phonak ric could be the phonak sky q-ric, phonak nadia q-ric, phonak audeo q-312 or phonak audeo q-312T. on the oticon side you could be fitted with the minRite, alta, alta pro, etc.

for the love of god read the model name on your aids and write it out here.

some of these aids have a telecoil some don’t.

you know the microphones are on top of the aids? you may want to move the phone a little higher so the mics pick up the sounds. look at the aids and find out where the mic openings are.

my right canal is half the size of the left one. get large ones for both side and try them out.

phonak quest aids have feed back issue ask the audi to go into the feedback test section of the target programming software and run the test again. but then have him or her click the trash button and turn off all the features on that screen, whistleblock and 5 dB max overage. but your loss is too mild to need this kind of thing. this is for those with loss like mine. this is a last resort thing for the phonak.

wire supposed to have some slack as the custom mold or dome suppose to hold the receiver perfectly in place and they should not be wiggling in any way. the slipping is definitely a problem. you need to wipe those molds with a tissue.

I bet your canal shape is weird. if you ever get the mold redone open your mouth wide and smile really hard. makes for a better fit. phonak custom molds for their rics cshell can come with soft or hard material I believe. get the other material next time.

on a lesser note your loss is kind of flat so you can turn off the sound recover on the phonak aid. this will give you more frequency range.

you know there’s a lot of confusion with your post. seems like you are completely focused on the phonak but I was assuming your were writing about the oticon aids. did you have the same issue with the oticon aids? you got to be more clear on which aids you are writing about.

doubledown thank you for your reply!
I am trialing the phonak audeo q50 rics.
I have tested the oticon for a while in the past, but finally decided to go with the audi that offers the phonak only.
Since my last message, I have decided to trial the next model phonak audeo v50 rics.

My models do not have telecoil and I tried to place the phone too close to the microphone, but no result. When wearing closed domes or power domes I can not hear well enough.

I will also try to get large dome for my bigger ear.

Feedback issues, I hope to solve with the new v50s.

Wiping my molds every 2-3 hours is something I can not do. So, I will try new molds to see if they fit better or domes with correct sizing.

We have tried turning off the sound recover, but I was not satisfied with how the “s” sounded.

With my audiogram and high +low pitched tinnitus do you think open domes would be ok?

Why not ask the audi for a selection of domes? It is something you can trial on your own and see how they work in various situations.

Not sure where you are located but you might review the comments on Connect hearing prices for the later V-series improvements. The V’s offer more powerful processing and improved battery life. Yet, if you are happy with the current results, that has real meaning and getting the discontinued line at, hopefully, a discount is appealing.

The new/smaller aids don’t have t-coils. Those are rather bulky. That will make you think about a bluetooth device – hopefully, your phone supports that.

Get a mold with a MOV (maximum open vent), that will help with moisture as you’ll have more ventilation into the ear canal. The mold should be long enough to extend beyond the second bend of your ear canal for better retention. Too short and they will often pop out. Taking an open mouth impression might be an option of your fitter believes the molds were long enough, but working their way out due to chewing and talking. Do not take an impression with your face contorted unless you walk around with your face contorted all the time. Understand that Phonak’s feedback management is HORRIBLE. They probably offer the least usable gain of any manufacturer because of it. With open domes there will be a limit to how much low frequency gain you will be able to get with a loss at 30/35dB at 500Hz. There will also be a limit to the high frequency gain due to Phonaks feedback management. In essence, open domes while comfortable and preferred by almost everyone will severe hamstring your fitting and your benefit from the aids.

I’m not located in the USA, but I have already decided to go for the V-series anyway since I’m not totally satisfied from the q-series.
Hopefully, feedback management is better with the v-series?
I understand though that with my hearing loss going for open domes will not be the best choice…
Even with the more advanced processing system of the v-series…

get properly vented custom molds and be done with it. you will never look back.