Domes on KS10 moving out of my ears

The domes are a good improvement for me .when they are all the way in the sound is great. Then they start to back out a bit and……Have you found a way to keep the all the way in? I dislike the sport locks.

It’s all about experimenting. I use the double domes and my left ones are the size smaller. Having done that, they both always stay in my ear without moving one way or another. So get a variety of sizes and see how you go. You can also just make a radial cut in a dome so it fits further in that may help too….

Experiment with size and type. If not successful, consider custom molds.

I wear Phonak BTE Aids with thin tubes and power domes at night time to listen to the radio.

I also find my domes work there way out but have never been able to solve the problem.

I had trialed the Jabras and found that the ReSound power domes (size L) seemed to fit more stably than the power domes on my KS9s. which seemed to always be moving out of place. Anyway, I bought some ReSound domes online and put them on my new KS10s and they seem more secure.

Why not spend $100 for a pair of custom fitted molds?

I wear Medium vented domes with my KS10s. My left ear is great, but as I talk and eat, the dome in the right ear backs out several times a day. When I visited the HIS last Friday, I was given 3 options:

  1. Sports lock, but cut smaller to fit my ear (since the full size already failed)
  2. Switch to a large dome in my right ear
  3. Custom molds.

So far, the sports lock, trimmed to about 50% of its original length, is working great. I am no longer pushing the dome back in each hour.

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If that works for you I would stay with it. Sport Locks drive me batty and recently took mine off. I am next going to try large domes. Failing that, its custom molded time

Something not mentioned yet is the importance of getting the right length receivers.
This plays a big part on your domes staying in place comfortably.

Check the size of the receiver wire and size of the dome.

Custom molds did it for me.

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