Dome stuck in ear - HELP!


Hi all, my husband is working at sea and won’t be home for another week or more. He has the plastic dome from his hearing aid stuck in his ear. Some of the other crew have tried getting it out with no luck. My husband is panicking and afraid if may hurt his ear if left in there. Will he be fine to just leave it for a week or so?



This happened to my adult daughter and I was able to get it out with a long tweezers from a first aid kit. He should have a first aid kit on board that he can check. Have the medic aboard ship use a headlamp and the tweezers and he should be able to grab it to pull it out.



Also, in my experience, it helps for the person involved to lay his/her head down sideways on a table, affected ear pointing up. I’ve given my wife an Energizer Brilliant Beam Headlamp to wear (160 lumens output) and a set of fine tweezers with a rounded tip (not pointy) and serrated crisscross grooves in the gripping surface, the better to grip the dome.

To avoid it happening again it helps to pull gently back and somewhat up on your ear lobe (experiment) when removing a dome. I wear a very tight fitting dome in my right ear and the gentle tug on the ear lobe while SLOWLY pulling out the dome by the closest bit of receiver wire one can grab really helps ease the dome out of my ear during normal removal. The times a dome has come off are when I’ve been too hasty in trying to remove it.



Ideal would be to get it out, but not if they start irritating the ear a lot. If they can’t get it out, reasonable to see how it goes. If it starts hurting or there’s drainage, it’s time to head for shore and medical aid.

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