Dome sizes

At the expense of seeming stupid. I cannot find on the Unitron website anything that talks about various dome sizes that are offered with there Lattitude Moxi series. There must be various open dome sizes available?

5mm small open
7mm medium open
10mm large open
one size tulip
3 sizes of power (closed) domes

… all above opens available in long and short shanks

For pictures see:

Thanks for the help above.

I just picked up a pair of Unitron Lattitude Moxi’s Rite W/Power XP receiver with open domes.
As part of finding a hearing aid that best suits my needs the other demo so far has been Oticon Pro Connect Rite Power and power domes.
I will say the Oticon left me with an immediate wow factor.
I like the way the Moxi’s sound, lots more listening evironments to sample before judgment day :slight_smile:
Two things that do concern me a lot. The ease at which the Receiver disconnects from the top of the BTE unit. A lite tug is all it takes to pull them apart. I can vision ones glasses disconnecting them very easily.
Is this normal for the connection to be so dainty?
The other is the ease at which the receiver pops out of the ear. I have worn two different styles of ITC’s two styles of Open Tube and two Power
receivers prior to this with no falling out issues.
Could this be corrected by increasing from a 7S to 10S dome?
The fit feels comfortable enough.

As for the receiver popping out, it sounds like the dispenser did not insert the fixing pin, which makes the receiver impossible to reomoce without a proper tool. You are best to go back to the dispenser to have the pin inserted as the aid is not intended to be worn without the pin.

A larger dome should help retain the aid better. You could try a closed dome as well as you will get better retention and better ow frequency sound.

You might actually be able to get away with standard receivers and power domes. The Powerdomes tend to have better retention in the ears.

I see how the retention pins works. That makes me feel lots better about that issue. The fact that I cannot get there(150 miles round trip) for at least a week means I’d better be very careful.

I felt the Power receiver for the Oticon was just a bit to large (even though I never felt the urge to take them out) compared to the smaller power receiver for the Unitrons.
If the Standard receiver is smaller yet it may insert further and stay put better. Lots to consider :slight_smile:

I love the feel of Non RITE units, they just fit well :slight_smile: