Dome settings and mould settings?


My Audie said that once my custom earmoulds come in, the way we would reconfigure the hearing aids is to switch it from domes settings to mold settings. I didn’t know there was a difference? Will this mean that things will sounds better when wearing molds?


They will likely sound different. “Better” is up to you and the audiologist. In lay language (because that’s my understanding level) custom molds are better at holding the sound in so the software takes that into account when setting gain levels.


Thank you for response


My experience is ear molds seal the ear cavity better which increases the low frequencies you hear. That comes with a disadvantage, called occlusion,some people don’t like.


Yes I do not like oclusion, but my molds always have a tiny vent put in to let the pressure out.


I cannot compare, since I have always had custom earmolds. I have reduced the vent down to 0.8mm and really don’t know the difference when I plug them entirely. When I run Critical Gain routine, there appears to be some leakage that is offset to control feedback. I guess I have had such good luck with custom molds, that I will just stick with them. I have a backup pair on hand along with receivers.


Yep, all the various dome/mold options have different couplings at different freuqencies. A lot of the fitting apps you can set for the type of earpiece and it adjusts to match the audiogram.