Dome setting impact on programming with Oticon Genie 2

I have Oticon Opn S hearing aids, miniFit 100 receiver with a single vent bass dome on my right ear and miniFit 85 receiver with a double vent bass dome on my left ear. I checked the programming with a copy of Genie 2 at home and the setting there is a power dome for for my right ear.

What is the impact of wrong dome setting for the programming done at the audiologist? They did open ear measurement, but I am not happy with the outcome regarding my right ear.

I would think the power dome and the single vent bass dome are different enough that you can tell a difference in the programming. The power dome is more sealed up compared to the single vent bass dome that it will probably cause Genie 2 to deliver less amplification for the power dome and the actual bass dome having a single vent will probably leaks some of that amplified sound out on top of it, causing you to not be happy with the weaker outcome of your right ear.

I think it’s important to set the correct fitting in Genie 2 so you can get the correct prescription for that fitting.

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You can simply fit a power dome and see for yourself, you’ll most likely find a noticeable difference without making any changes in the software, I’m thinking you shouldn’t be be using domes at your level of loss, a custom mould with venting for your right ear is the way to go.