Dome selection for Oticon Opn 1

I’ve had a pair of Opn 1’s for 2 months and am generally pleased with the instruments themselves, but I’m having trouble keeping the standard 2 vent domes from migrating out. There is a significant reduction in amplification when this happens, and I am frequently pushing them back in, especially on the right. I tried the grip tips, with limited success because they are NOT made for the 100db speakers which I have. They stay put, but the speakers sit far back in the tips, at a consequent loss in acoustics. Power domes stay in, but they are such a tight seal that I get reverberations when I walk and engage in other normal activities. The occlusion factor is unbearable. I’ve had Phonaks for ten years, have used power domes with little occlusion and some feedback.Those aids had tubes with the receiver in the ha case itself . The general sound quality with the OPN’s is superior. I’ve tried the same domes in my new pair, and they are, as I said, very occluded.
My first aids, 20 years ago, were CIC custom-fitted. I am almost tempted to get Oticon ear molds fabricated, but the fitting issues I went through 20 years ago were aggravating and frustrating. Have the techniques for fitting moulds improved since those days, or were CIC models more difficult in themselves?
I read in one of the posts that Starkey “Comfort Buds” are a significant improvement for some folks. Are they compatible with Opn speakers?
I would appreciate any info which may point me in the right direction

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Beside the clear and hard acrylic custom mold that’s standard for the OPN, I’ve heard that Oticon also now offers a softer version of the custom mold. See this link Custom Molds for Oticon OPN1s

Maybe this is an option worth pursuing?

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If I am correct, the softer moulds are not available as of now for the 100db speakers.

I recommended the Starkey Comfort Buds on another thread.
I use them on OPN1 P100 receivers. I actually use 2 different sizes because my canals are very different sizes and have weird turns. I am able to very easily push them into my canals and they stay put.
They have 2 very teeny holes for venting which prevents the terrible occluded feeling. If the holes get anything in them, I get that blocked - pressure feeling. I change them daily or at least every 2 days. I wash them gently - easy routine - others have posted methods. Keeping them pristine clean keeps the vents open, prevents them from migrating out of the canal, and stops that itchy feeling (for me so far). I also use that little black plastic wire thing that came with the HA’s to make sure the holes are clear. The holes are very small and difficult to see. These domes were given to me by my Audiologist. They fit and do not pull out of the ear. I find the shape of the domes/buds to be very comfortable with a tight fit. No open flared edges to irritate the ear canal or cause that itchy something’s in my ear feeling as these curve in and fit the receivers snugly.

I insisted the soft molds were available for the 100 receivers. The Audi took the impressions for the molds - the process is still the same and very unpleasant for me. Oticon sent them back saying No soft molds for the 100’s. This was 2 months ago.

I absolutely recommend you give the Comfort Buds a try. Ask your Audi for samples. I was given a few sizes. Fitting the correct size in each ear is important, in my opinion, for success with any dome, especially with the more powerful receiver.


Mago–Thank you very much. At least the compatibility question is answered. Now I have to try them out

If there weren’t occlusion issues with a certain dome in the past, I wouldn’t expect there to be occlusion issues with that same dome now. As I’ve said elsewhere, put your hearing aids in your ears and turn them off. If you aren’t experiencing occlusions issues in that scenario then it is something in the programming and should be adjustable.

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Neville: Thanks for your observations. I may have mis-stated the comments on the Phonak power domes. After checking them out again, they have not been as fully inserted into my ear canals as I have been doing with the new Opn’s.

What I really like about the Oticon 100 power receivers for the OPN1 and also the Alta2Pros is the slim casing (the dome fits onto) that allows for deeper insertion into my ear canals resulting in clearer sound. Until the comfort buds, some of the sound was escaping because of a poor seal/fit or I experienced the too tight occluded reverberations Nutmegger described.
I also find, just because a dome works well on one brand or style of hearing aid I’ve worn, doesn’t mean it is comfortable or the best solution for another one. (I now have 3 sets of working aids.)
I agree the programming definitely affects the occlusion issues.
My theory is get the correct fitting dome and tweak the programing.

The take away is to be persistent until the right combination is reached. Thank you again.

I started the OPN 1 test with the bassdomes. With 85 receivers. I had trouble to keep the receiver centered in my ears, so the sound was partly blocked with the chanel. And they came out too. I opted for the molds. I made the boe on one side bigger, to 1.5 mm because of occlusion. Now I’m used to them, I have less times a day I take them out because of irritation as I did with the powerdomes.