Does this audiogram need hearing aids?

Hi All,
I’ve got this audiogram from my friend and I was wondering if he needs HA; He struggles to understand when people across the table talk softly, they seem to mumble he says.
I appreciate any help.

Right Ear:

Left Ear:

Thank You.


Then he already has his answer. If he’s struggling to hear and it sounds muffled to him then that’s not normal healthy hearing.
He might be able to get by with over the counter amplifiers with the treble adjusted up. What the heck…people walk around with those white sticks sticking out of their ears. Or other brands that fill the ear area or so.


Would you happen to know what his word recognition scores were? Some can have mild to moderate hearing loss and have horrible work recognition while others can have profound to severe loss and have good word recognition.
But if he says he can’t hear, I would tend to believe him.
In my case I have moderate to Profound hearing loss and decent word recognition scores but still can’t hear speech well at all

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@mr.smithster They don’t do WR here in the UK, he does hear something, but he believes they mumble, He is in the mid 60s if that makes a difference.

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I would say for me and many other, from what I have read, that is our first complaint. Usually a spouse or family member will see a pattern of them saying… pardon me, excuse me can you repeat that, I’m sorry I didn’t hear you, what? Etc…

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I missed your audiogram there, just noticed it. You must have some type of aid or assistance I would imagine?

@mr.smithster My audiogram is my brother’s, yes he does have HA, Naida UP.

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Yes. What did the clinician say? Probably yes.

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@Neville Not yet, my friend needs to go back for another session, not sure what kind of test he will be going through.
The graphs above are an initial assessment.

Ah, yes, looks like a screening. So now he’s going back for a full diagnostic assessment and they will likely recommend hearing aids at that time.

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@Neville You are probably right.

The cynic in me would say “what else would they say?”. :slight_smile:
Would anybody motivated enough to go get tested actually be turned away saying they don’t need any? By that time the person who finally dragged themselves out to get a test would almost certainly be aided by them. Do the able-hearing bother to go out and get tested?
But I remember a couple years ago somebody came here with an enviable audiogram but claimed he had difficulty hearing. I think he was trying to prove something to his parent or something.
But that’s not this case. This is bog-standard presbycusis.

@AbramBaileyAuD : It’s funny to me that two words above (audiogram and presbycusis) are not in your system dictionary. One would think they ought to be. :slight_smile:

My wife got tested because of some issues in noise and understanding my soft spoken daughter. She tested normal. When I initially got hearing aids, I was considered borderline needing hearing aids and they weren’t pushed at all. I think at the time I was normal out to 2khz and mild to 3khz in both ears with 100% WRS at like 65 dB


I guess I was generalizing. So what motivated you to go get tested in the first place? I know I was always asking for repeats or just withdrawing or just nodding along as though I was following along.

For that kind of hearing loss, he doesn’t need the Naidas UP aids. Check to see if his ears are clear of earwax. How long has he been using hearing aids?

Difficulty understanding my daughter. She is high pitched and soft spoken. Hearing aids definitely help though. I suspect you’re right in general, but there are grey areas.

Normal hearing people come in all the time. Often because they’ve hit an age marker and feel it’s time, or because a loved one was checked, or because they moved into an open concept house and suddenly cannot hear as well. Or because they are dizzy or have tinnitus or had a concussion. Or with kids, a speech delay or chronic ear infections. Or just because someone “has never had a test”. Sometimes people with normal thresholds come because they are having difficulty hearing anyway. If someone is having functional difficulties, I’m going to discuss behavioural or technological soloutions for them regardless of hearing loss, even if it’s not hearing aids.

If someone has mild loss but is in the grey area I tell them as much. Fitting hearing aids takes time. Providers aren’t going to fit people they don’t think will benefit, as that’s just wasted time followe by a return.

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When I went through all my stuff for the last couple years to wind up with HAs, my cousin said he had trouble hearing sometimes. He went in and was tested. Very minor loss, HAs would not really be helpful to him at this time.

Our dads were brothers. Does anyone know how the genetic hearing loss is passed down? He doesn’t have it. My brother needs/goes untreated. Mom says dad had it.


@Baltazard audiogram in her profile is her brothers and yes he does have Naida UP because they are needed.

If you look at the first post, she’s showing a friends audiogram and asking questions about that audiogram.


My perspective is that I’m brand new to HAs (waiting for delivery/fitting of my first ones at Costco). What finally tipped the scale for me was moving to a new house with worse acoustics than my former one, and having to ask my wife to repeat things too often.

But this has been a long path. I realize now that I should have had them years ago. I would sometimes ask people to repeat things, or sometimes just go without understanding when the interruptions got bothersome. It doesn’t seem like a big thing in any particular instance, but it adds up and tends to isolate you.

Then there was that one time about five years ago (before my move) when I was at a large funeral reception and a family member of the deceased came to our table to have a very important and painful conversation. With the surrounding noise I couldn’t understand a damn thing. Couldn’t even respond with appropriate facial expressions, and certainly couldn’t ask repeatedly for him to speak up.

I was able to get filled in later by others, but I should have made the decision then to get HAs.

If you can’t understand people you’re not engaging with them. Fix the problem. OTC amplifiers, proper HAs, an old fashioned brass ear trumpet, whatever, just make it happen. No one wants HAs, but it’s not so easy to grasp what you’re missing without them.