Does Phonak Roger MyLink work with Naída M90-SP?

I was hoping to get a MyLink system that would work with my Naida M90 BTE aids, but I am told that these aids do not come with T Coils, so they won’t work with MyLink. SAY WHAT? Correct me if I am wrong but I understood that Phonak supplies all top line BTE aids with T Coils, do they not? If not why not? My previous Ambra aids came with T Coil installed and I didn’t need to ask for it. I’d like to get some clarification on this.

Per this:

the Naida M Super Power aids (which I believe are the only Naida M aids have a tcoil. It is possible that your provider doesn’t know this and hasn’t activated the tcoil. I believe they need to create a tcoil program for it to work. I’d contact your provider and state that you understand it does indeed come with tcoil. If they insist otherwise, I’d ask them to call Phonak.


Thank you for the response. I read through the document that you attached to the email but there is no mention of a Telecoil as one of the features. However, in the Technical Data sheet from Phonak it does mention an ‘Induction Coil’ and I assume that this would be what most people refer to as a Telecoil. Am I correct?

On page 4.
Product Description
A few lines down you will see your new aids have T-Coils (Telicoil).

Those are some really nice aids.

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Yes, for sure it has both a public and a phone t-coil. Needs to be activated in a manual program. Public t-coil for the MyLink. The direct connection via the Roger X install is nice, though.

I don’t think there are power hearing aids on the market that DON’T come with telecoils.


Of course you are right. I wish they had a button on my glasses that could reset my eyesight! I did read through the document several times and each time I missed the “Telecoil” in the product description column. I will try to get this activated as a selectable program on my Naidas.