Does Phonak Nathos Auto M have SoundRecover?

Hi I have the nathos auto m for my right ear and was wondering if it has sound recover as over the last couple of months I’ve been noticing that I’m either mishearing words that people saying to me or just not hearing certain words at all i have an appointment for a hearing test and moulds on the 19th of march and was wondering If it has sound recover does that need to be turned on or do i need to ask about a different hearing aid with sound recover to help with my speech recognition or is there adjustments they can make to improve speech recognition if anyone can let me know if nathos auto m has sound recover i would be grateful

Also if it doesn’t am i right in thinking that both the phonak Naida BR ric and the Naida v have an option to cover mild to severe hearing loss as depending on what my hearing test shows on the 19th of march i was thinking that if they can’t improve the way my current aid deals with speech recognition at the minute i might ask if they can change it for one of those options

Here is a link that will let you download a list of features for the Nathos Auto M: Nathos Auto - Hearing Aid - Phonak NHS

Scroll down and download the PDF. The Nathos Auto M appears to be a quite advanced hearing aid. It has both Sound Recover and Sound Recover 2 although I’m not convinced either is going to make a dramatic effect for you as regular amplification should make sounds up to 4000 hz pretty audible and that’s where most of the speech information is. Basically you need to let your audiologist know what problems you have and work with them.

The only Nathos Auto that has SoundRecover 2 is the Nathos Auto UP which is too powerful for you.

Ah, missed the asterisks! Thanks. It still does have Sound Recover though.

Ok well thank you very much for the help I’ll see what happens at my hearing test because i feel my hearing has gone down anyway and i need to find out if there is something different that i need doing to help with speech recognition because when i first got my nathos auto m for my right ear as part of my bicros i had really good speech recognition whilst wearing them and they really helped with my hearing but then i started to get problems with irritation which was causing infections throughout 2018 -2019 but that is now getting sorted out with an appointment to get mould impressions for hypoallergenic moulds and a fresh hearing test on the 19th of march