Does Noah wireless device work well with Phonak Naida Paradise P50 UP for Phonak Target?

I’m getting new Phonak Paraside P50 UP next month. I still have Noah wireless device at home to work well with Oticon software but I need to know if Noah Wireless device will work very well for Paradise P50 UP? Normally I tend to use Cube II for my old Phonak Naida S since years. If Noah Wireless device is not supported for Phonak Paradise, let me know. Many thanks.

Pasted below is an excerpt from a DIY School PDF file named (Fitting Instructions Phonak Target) which you can find by Clicking PVC’s Avatar on any PVC forum post and then click PVC’s Featured Topic;

Yes absolutely no problem using the Noahlink wireless, it’s pretty much the industry standard for all the latest models at the moment.