Does NIHL damage worsen over time?

Hello all, I was exposed to heavy noise in my Army service, as a demolition instructor and range safety officer. After release, I worked in quiet jobs. I contend that my hearing loss is solely noise-induced. Veterans Affairs Canada says otherwise, that 75% of my loss is attributable to aging.

VA has an audiogram done on my release that shows some high frequency loss. Today, 20 years later, my loss has worsened. My question: what evidence is there to support the idea that noise-induced hearing loss can worsen after the exposure to noise ends? Is there any paper or study online that I can use as ammo for my fight to support that the majority of my loss is caused by the expolsives and gunfire I was exposured to?

Thanks for any information anyone can provide!

My loss is very symmetrical and looks like this:
250 500 1000 2000 3000 4000 6000 8000
40 45 45 50 65 70 65 70