Does left and right bte aids have to be the same?

I have a 2018 version of the Phonak Naida V90 SP for my right ear. I can purchase another one for my left ear. I can get a Naida V90 UP for my right ear. There are very little difference between the SP and UP versions. UP have 1 dB more gain and fitting range goes down to 120 dB. The performance gains and the technologies are the same. I have no use for the Belong or Marvel platform that have bluetooth and I no longer talk on the phone. I was wondering if the Target program will say that left ear V90 SP and right ear V90 UP would say mismatched? The newer Naida aids have improved sound processing and I doubt that I can tell the difference between V90 and B/M 90 due to my hearing loss.

You really need UP, good moulds and double wall tubing.

It might seem marginal, but delivering decent gain usable growth within the frequencies you can use is quite critical. Get your fitting REM’d to see where your aids are delivering their power for your benefit.


I think you will be fine with the two different receivers. I have Resound HAs with an MP receiver in my right ear and an HP in my left.
Its all in the programming of the fitter.
Good luck.


Totally cool you benefit from your suggested fitting mate, but your loss is not flat 100db.


I will go with the UP for my right ear as it is the trained ear. I have used soft and hard earmolds and it’s mostly hard earmolds most of my life. I have had issues with soft earmolds. I know 5 years from now, I might have to buy the Xceeds depending on my age related hearing loss. I have never heard of double wall tubing. When I get the UP aid then I will have an REM done by a local audiologist.

Are your word recognition scores about the same with each ear? Just curious if two UP aids might be right for you.

My left ear is untrained most of my life. I plan to use V90-SP for my left and V90-UP for my right ear. I think in a few years from now, I might need both ears to have UPs or Xceeds depending on audiogram at that time.
After l get another Naida V90 then hopefully my wr scores will improve. I am very dependant on speech reading.


That’s the same aid, just different receivers.

I have S and P mix.

Target whines when you have different tech eg V70 and V90 and of course completely different aids eg V50 and M50.

Whining is then only about features that need 2 same HAs, you of course can program them separately at the same session. I for example have different formulas for each aid, so they’re separately programmed for gain, but then linked for additional options like stereo zoom, noise cancelling etc since they’re same tech and platform. If they weren’t, I’d have to do one by one, but still could see both in same session.

In case you want to know for the reference :slight_smile:


Yes but as @Um_bongo is saying that they should be fitted with ear hooks and double wall tubing for the profound loss you have, so that leaves you with V90-SP or UP.
Your pushing the limits on the SP in the lower Hz anyway, so you want some head room which you’ll get with the UP.

Have you talked to your audiologist clinic about CI implementation? Could be worth looking into.

I don’t think receivers would be suitable, they would be at the absolute limits for this kind of loss.

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Precisely this: with bells on.

I know the limits are getting closer in the SP version. The SP aid is good enough for me for now and next year. I know l will need both UPs or Xceeds in a few years from now. I have no intentions of getting CI. l am using standard undamped earhooks. I will be getting new earmolds no vents, soft material.

That’s good as the undamped ear hooks, if selected in the software, allow for more gain, not much but every bit helps.

This comment has two statements that got my attention.

  1. The Venture and Belong aids are very much alike. Marvel aids are different in many ways including Bluetooth and how they are programmed. All do use the Target software though.
  2. Have you tried using the phone with T-Coil or a Compilot2? When I got the Marvel aids and directly connected aids to the phone it is amazing. In fact, Bluetooth is the best speech hearing I have. Soft silicone molds tend to be best for profound hearing losses.

Yes the V and B are alike. I don’t have the Compilot device yet but l use Sprint IP relay operator every month and no issues there. I know that soft molds are best for severe profound hearing loss. I did use soft mold many years ago and it did cause some skin redness on my outer ear. My audiologist quoted 2495 for one Naida B90-UP aid with 500 dollar discount.

This is why I got into self programming. I sold a pair of very nice Naida V90 UP aids for $500 a few months ago. Have a pair of Naida V90 SP aids I need to sell now. These aids are so much like the Belong aids I wonder how they got by calling them a different aid. Maybe a set of Venture UP aids would be cheaper.

I would think that two different aids couldn’t be paired but I guess you could adjust them manually to get them close. I doubt they would sound the same

Before I had surgery on my right ear, I wore a Phonak V70 M and a Phonak V70 P and they worked together. I could change program on one and it’ll change the program on the other.

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