Does It Make Much Difference What Type of Audio Output Is Used for TV Streaming? - Analog vs. Coaxial vs. TOSLINK S/PDIF?

My struggles with trying to gain control of the TV audio to mute the ads, etc., finally resulted in my using analog out set to the variable mode and splitting that between the Phonak streamer and the Vizio soundbar with the TV speakers off. Balancing between TV and surround with the Phonak app gives a very pleasant experience. I have noticed there is a very very slight delay between the HAs and the soundbar. Enough to barely notice but adjusting the balance took care of that, ie, drowned it out. The HAs will time out after 30 sec of no audio and my aud has to set a software switch so that the HAs would automatically reconnect but there is a few seconds delay with that too. However, it means that ANY time you come within range the HAs connect. So, if your TV is constantly on and you are roaming around the house it can be a nuisance… (I will cross-post this comment)

The TOSLINK would not mute for my Vizio TV, perhaps that is true for all TVs. First try with a TOSLINK passive splitter resulted in the streamer working while the soundbar did not. I had to use a powered splitter to get both to work but again no muting of the streamer audio into the Phonak M90s.

So…Finally nobody really answer the question.
Is 3.5mm worse than spdif ?
On my computer I use my M90R as headphone.

It works well on spdif advanced settings “Dolby Digital” at 192kHz 24bits. (Phonak says to not use Dolby but this one works for me, instead of “DTS Audio” or “Microsoft WMA Pro Audio”).
spdif audio settings: 690x388

And with 3.5mm on stereo settings at 192kHz at 32bits it works aswell.

I prefer the 3.5mm because i can force the audio settings in stereo. With spdif, i can’t fix stereo, it can be mono in certains cases so i don’t like this point.

What do you think ?!

I have such a package of my TV-Streamer ReSound.
There is an adapter “2 RCA to 3.5 minijack”:
I know I answered after a year, but it may be useful to someone else.

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In theory, SPDIF will give you higher quality than analog audio. But in reality, for people with hearing loss wearing hearing aids, I bet you most of them can’t discern a difference in audio quality between them. I’m one of those people. I’ve used both analog audio and SPDIF connection on my Oticon TV Adapter 3.0, and they both sound just as good for me. I wouldn’t worry about it and just use the most convenient connection, whatever that is.

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