Does features like NoiseBlock on Phonak HAs, work to cut down noise coming from the actual Roger Mics or does it just work on HA Mics?

I’ve never been able to find out the actual answer to this question and I’ve done a lot of googling.

I find I pick up more noise through the Roger Microphone rather then the HA Mics and I’m wondering if there’s away of reducing it?

Anyone else find this as well?

As a non-Phonak user just doing my own (Bing) search, it would seem that use of a Roger device to increase signal-to-noise is mainly based on directionality choices, relative proximity of mic to desired sound sources, and volume control of Roger device relative to external HA mics. Here’s a link to the Target 6.2 options for fitting a child with a Roger device and the use of NoiseBlock doesn’t seemed to be mentioned anywhere within the guide settings.

Similarly, the Phonak Roger On Guide does not mention implementing NoiseBlock:

Along the way, I found a really cool Phonak “configurator” that will allow you to figure out what you need to use a Roger device with other brands of HA’s. For my rechargeable ReSound Quattro 961’s, the configurator tells me that I’d need a ReSound Multi Mic and a Phonak Roger X (FM receiver?) to use my Quattros with a Roger On microphone. Pretty neat! (although someone should tell Phonak that ReSound now has the ONE HA model- it’s not listed as a ReSound choice in the configurator!). Roger Configurator

Don’t know whether ReSound noise control is as sophisticated as Phonak’s NoiseBlock but for relative reference, ReSound’s in-app noise control does a pretty good job of screening out repetitive noises, e.g., vacuum cleaner, exhaust fans, etc. The noise control is available when streaming through my Multi Mic and will greatly reduce repetitive noises heard through both my external mics or my Multi Mic either when using either separately or both together.

Anyone with a Roger device and Phonak HA’s ought to be easily able to test whether NoiseBlock is available as a program setting and has an effect when listening through a Roger device. I’d be interested to know as if you have no in-app control of noise transmitted through a Roger device that would be a small plus towards ReSound in considering what my next set of HA’s should be.


I have NoiseBlock on my Roger program but I’m finding it actually reduces the sound coming from the Roger, either when listening to music or using it as an actual Roger Mic.

Turning off NoiseBlock makes the sound coming from the Roger Mic A LOT louder but I would also like to hear less background noise.

Background noise is not coming from my Aid Mic’s, it’s being picked up from the Roger Mic.

Thanks for the detailed explanation tho. :slight_smile:

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Can you tune the degree of NoiseBlock application? With ReSound, the very strongest setting is only meant to reduce noise to the ear for the sake of comfort and also does interfere with speech recognition and in my experience reduces overall input volume. ReSound recommends nothing stronger than “Considerable,” the next step down, when speech is involved. But for repetitive noises like exhaust fans I find even the mildest noise suppression setting helps quite a bit without affecting overall input sound quality too much. Maybe the degree of noise suppression for NoiseBlock needs to be adjusted a bit, if not in the phone app then maybe in Target? It’s too bad at least for ReSound Smart Fit that fitting adjustments are often just categorical and it would take a lot more work to figure out exactly what any categorical fitting adjustment is actually doing to gain, noise suppression, etc., across the board. Might be just my ignorance, though, as I have stopped playing around with fitting adjustments for now.

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I think there’s weak, moderate and strong and just having the NoiseBlock on weak, really reduces the sound coming from the Roger.

This is a really interesting discussion. I’m going out to dinner tonight and bringing my Select and will be playing around with all the settings.