Does costco routinely test real ear measurement?

Anyone have an answer about this?

Yes, on every initial setup, and whenever there are major changes they have always done a REM test.

Can confirm that the above answer is correct!

So they would do this when you get your new aids, not for the initial hearing test, correct?

A REM is a verification procedure that is used to observe the difference that a hearing aid, mould or other device makes to your hearing. It would be pointless to do one unless you’d put a device on the person.

being a newby having gotten HA in April 2014 is the REM test performed and relates to what your hearing test shows but with your HA in place ? I mean does it show how the HA are performing in relation to your hearing test ? Thanks

The REM shows functions of the output or gain. The target that the gain or output is measured against is derived from the loss figures and certain gain functions or the speech spectrum.