Does Costco KS9 support the Apple MFi feature?

I have heard that the Costco KS9s no longer support the MFI feature. I have KS8s and really use that feature a lot. Can someone explain if/why that feature was dropped? Could it be that a later version will support the new audio codec?

The KS9s have classic bluetooth and not MFI.

But they can’t get audio from a phone without an intermediate device, correct?

it is my understanding that the KS9 is the same as the phonak marvel, and the marvels will stream directly with either the android or the iphones.

The KS9 aids stream directly to iPhones. My wife has them and uses an iPhone.

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Others are right. I’ll try to answer your question in detail. KS9s were never Made for iPhone. They use standard (not LE) Bluetooth. They will work with iPhones and most Android phones. Although they will work with iPhone, they will not work just like Made for iPhone. Doesn’t have anything to do with new audio codec.