Does Compilot II pair with Apple Watch?

I use my Phonak Compilot with my iPhone all the time, for phone calls, music, TV.
I would like to be able to ditch my phone when I I am out and about and still be able to stream to my hearing aids. Can the newest Apple Watch connect with my Phonak Audeo V hearing aids through the compilot?


the com pilot 2 is supposed to pick up any BT signal and then use T-coil to get it to the aids. Since you iPhone already works and the Bt protocol is the same on the watch, I would assume it’s safe to say, yes.

Best just try it 1st in an apple store.

"You may be able to see then why the Apple Watch doesn’t really make me feel like I’ve gained anything in terms of being able to respond to notifications. In fact in some respects, it’s a step back. I don’t like the noise pollution of it speaking out-loud through it’s little speaker. I can get rid of that by pairing my Phonak ComPilot with the watch. The first time I tried this, I couldn’t get it to pair despite repeated attempts, however a reset of the watch got me up and running. The level of VoiceOver was extremely low, but I discovered that Bluetooth audio seems to have its own volume, and by performing a two-finger double-tap and hold, then sliding up with two fingers, I was able to raise the Bluetooth audio volume to 100%. At that point, the audio was at an acceptable volume, but issues persist. "

Quote end.

so the guy connected on compilot 1 with an old apple watch. Don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work with 2 and the new watch.

The ComPilot doesn’t use T coil at all. I don’t know what the it is called but it doesn’t used T coil.

since the neckloop is causing an electromagnetic field I would have assumed it should be picked up by the T-coil in the aid, since that’s its purpose.

why would they use a second “antenna” for the neckloop? you have a source on that?

Google is your friend.

uses induction loop type tranmission = electromagnetic . where does it say the induction isn’t picked up by a T-coil? the induction itself has the definition mentioned above ok, the signal is created in that way.

But what is picking it up, why shouldn’t the T-coil that’s already in there not do that? And why is that important to the question at hand?

It’s about the compilot 2 and the BT of the watch, not the neckloop…

I went through the PDF and it raises one question for me. All the pages showing connections
show this on one line:
Device => ComPilot => HA
Then on the next line show:
HA => HA

Does this mean the actual path is Device => ComPilot => HA1 => HA2 ?

The Compilpt works with hearing aids that do not have T-coil. My previous ones did not, and the copilot still worked. I do not know the technical explanation, but it works.

I guess that makes sense, and a good idea to try to pair my Copilot to a watch at the Apple store,

ok then it uses another device to translate the induction from the neckloop, which doesn’t really change the subject :stuck_out_tongue:

No, @Gery_R, it doesn’t change the subject; it just refutes your hypothesis.

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and your point is? you’re on some kind of crusade?

neckloop tansmit via induction, whether it is picked up b T-coil or onother device is irrelevant for the question, so you wanna be nitpicky because you have some problem?

No, I’m not on a crusade. I’ll leave that to you. You said it was one thing and subsequent posts raised doubts. Then, you changed the thrust to be right in your own mind.

I could say the same thing about you everyday, but I didn’t, you did. so that’s that.

And I never said I was right, I was asking question why I was wrong. But that’s not what you like to see. Ignorant old man.

Congratulations on change the discussion to name calling.

it seems to help against your stubbornness. and your passive attacks against me are noted.

I intended no passive attack but a simple correction. You are the one that made it personal. I have yet to sink that low – as tempting as you make it.

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you “correction” wasn’t neccessary, as we cleared it. It was just a stab in the back, just what I expect from a creep like you.

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