Does Audiology Online courses have English subtitles or captions?


I’ve seen 1 course that said “This course is open captioned.”, while the other courses don’t. Is it safe to assume that if the description does not say it is open captioned, then the course does not have subtitles? Or, is it possible that the course description does not mention it has caption, but it actually has captions?

Sample course which mentions caption/subtitle:

Sample course which does not mention caption/subtitle:

UPDATE #1: Some courses do not have English subtitles.

tl;dr Registered for account, registered for course, and found that course had English subtitles.

So, it seems registration is free. I thought you needed to pay $100, but it seems it’s only needed if you plan to take the exams. Anyway, so I registered for a course, and I found that it had captions, even though the description does not say it has captions. This is only the first video I’ve checked, and I don’t know if there are others that do not have subtitles. For now, I’m good with this.

Hearing Professionals have to do Continuing Education— take courses every year to keep-up with the field so they can keep their license.

This is the most common offense in my state’s License bureau. Forgot to do 10 hours of education, pay a $50-$200 fine. (You do not want to know why I know this.)

That’s what Audiology Online is selling: a paper (or digital credit) that you can show your state license bureau to keep your license.

Since they have plenty of professional customers paying for exam credit scores, it costs them nothing extra to also let pre-professionals (students, curious office staff, general public) watch the videos.

Oh: some of those “courses” look like “informational advertisements” which the school probably gets for free from the makers of new/improved products they want HA professionals to know about. So A-Online doesn’t even have high production costs, on average.

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